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Full Support for HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Printer

Do you think downloading technique is a very long process? No! It is very fast as well as simple to download the HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Printer driver and software in the system. Download the driver for both Windows and Mac operating systems. To download the driver, you require manual for carrying out the initial setup. You are not required to search for it. We also provide the HP Pagewide Pro 477dn manual about how to download and install the driver. Avail the step by step instructions for each process that makes your work simpler and quicker. Click on the link below to start.


  • Save your time and paper cost using the Automatic Duplex printing.
  • Protect your confidential information using the PIN-based security feature.
  • Plug in your USB into the USB port and print the item straight from the HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Printer.
  • Print multiple page documents in a single pass using the Automatic Document Feeder.
  • You can print legal size documents on the scanning bed using the Legal-size scan bed.
  • Using the high-capacity paper tray, you are not required to insert the item often which saves time.
  • Scan your documents and send it as an email attachment straight to the system.

HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Manual

Installation Of the HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Printer

Avail the instructions on how to install the HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Driver. Include the name of the printer to the Windows operating system and continue printing.

To commence the printing process, install the printer driver & software and include the name of the printer.


To print on both sides of the pages, you need to choose print on both sides under the Finishing tab. You can enable or disable the job storage option which stores the print job to the HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Printer.


With the copy identification card feature, you can copy small sized documents on the same side of the paper. Copy on the first side and rotate the second side on the scanner glass and then copy it again.


Place the printed side down on the scanner glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder. Insert the USB drive into the USB port. Select the Scan to USB option to store the scanned item in the USB drive.


Want to store the received facsimiles to the system directly? Avail the HP digital Fax feature which saves your fax to the system straight. This feature saves your paper and cartridges.

Wireless Network

Wireless connection is one of the easiest methods to connect the HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Printer over the network. While connecting, you are not required to connect with the help of any cables. Just key in the name of the network and password for the secure connection. To avoid confusion at the time of connection, try to set a unique network name. Make certain that the password you type for the connection process is case sensitive. You can use Wireless Setup Wizard or Wi-Fi Protected Setup for connecting the printer over the wireless network. Save your time with the wireless network connection.

Wifi Direct

With the Wi-Fi direct feature, you will be able to connect the printer to the wireless supported devices without any wireless router or access point. To enable the feature, you need to switch on Wi-fi direct on the control panel of the printer. You need to connect the printer and the wireless capable device to the same network. Check whether the HP Wi-Fi Direct is switched on with the security feature. If so, enter the password when instructed in the mobile device or system. To use the feature, it is not mandatory to install any additional features or drivers in the system.

HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Printer Troubleshooting

Do you have any often printer issues? Get instant solutions from our website and also the printer maintenance tips. Using these HP Pagewide Pro 477dn troubleshooting solutions all your print issues get resolved in a fraction of seconds. Take a glance at the issues and solutions.

Jams and Paper-feed Issues

Clear out the paper jam issue with our simple and easy HP Pagewide Pro 477dn troubleshooting solutions. When you experience the false paper jam issue, you need to reboot the printer. With the restarting of the printer, you may be able to sort out the paper jam error.

  • Make certain that the HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Printer is switched on. Access the ink supply door. Eradicate the jammed paper from the input area.
  • After removing, seal the ink supply access area. Check out whether there is any jammed paper in the input trays and out put trays.
  • If any jammed paper is visible with the help of a flashlight, discard them that are accessible in the input trays and output trays.
  • In case the paper is not accessible, release the duplexer by dragging it out and then discard the jammed paper in the duplexer.
  • In case the issue persists, call our technical support team who will help you out to solve the paper jam issue.

Cartridge issues

The cartridge issue mainly occurs when incompatible cartridges are used. The cartridges are not properly inserted into their respective slots. Here are certain issues that may occur and their solutions for each issue. Check out them.

  • In case the cartridge level is critically low, you need to substitute with the new ink cartridge which prevents cartridge issue.
  • If you are able to display incompatible cartridges on the printer’s control panel, use authentic cartridges for the printer.
  • In case the printer’s control panel displays, install(color) cartridge after initial setup, install it properly or firmly into its slot.
  • While inserting the cartridges into their place, ensure that they fit into their place and frequently clean them using a moist cloth.
  • Prior to installing the cartridge, make certain you do not place them in open air which causes ink system failure or clogs.

Printing Issues

You are printing a photo. The printed photo consists of horizontal lines or color is faded out. This output makes you irritated. This mainly happens when there is any clogs or dust is accumulated in the printhead. Trail the HP Pagewide Pro 477dn troubleshooting solutions for the printing issues.

  • Look whether genuine and compatible ink cartridges are used in the printer. If not, use authentic ink cartridges.
  • While inserting paper into the HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Printer, ensure that the paper type is supported by the printer for printing.
  • Make certain that the paper type settings are suitable for the job while you are attempting to print a document or photo.
  • Verify whether the printer HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Driver installed in the system are compatible with the printer. In case not, install suitable one.
  • After performing all the steps, try to print a Print Quality report to check whether for any print quality issues.

Scan issues

While scanning a document or photo, the scanning is not done properly. In case the USB cable is not linked properly. You are not able to scan, try to use the steps below which help you to sort out the issue. Trail the HP Pagewide Pro 477dn troubleshooting steps and then resolve it.

  • Download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor which helps you out to solve the issue automatically.
  • Reboot all the devices and examine whether the scanner driver and software is compatible with the printer model.
  • Uninstall the printer HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Driver and software from the system and then install it again to solve the scanning-related issues.
  • Deactivate the firewall software in the system and check whether the firewall is one of the reasons for the issue.
  • In case firewall is not the reason, activate it again and then try to scan from the HP Pagewide Pro 477dn Printer to examine whether the issue is solved.

Fax issues

You are not able to receive any fax message from the sender. The Sender receives a fax confirmation page and also the fax is not saved in the printer’s memory. Make use of the steps below to set cancel on the Input Auto Continue Timeout option.

  • Move to the Embedded Web Server webpage. You need printer’s IP address to open the webpage for the device.
  • On the printer’s control panel, tap dashboard->Network which screens the printer’s IP address on the windows.
  • Access the Web browser in the system. In the search bar, enter the IP address. Press enter to open the EWS page.
  • After accessing the web page, Select Settings->Preferences ->Tray and paper Management->Advanced.
  • Under the Input Auto Continue settings icon, customize the Input Auto Continue Timeout->Wait Forever and then press Apply.