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Get the Full Guide for HP Pagewide Printer Models


The HP Pagewide Printers is a multifunction printer which operates like laser printers than the inkjet printers. Though it is expensive, it is suitable for office purpose where you want to perform bulk tasks. You can get fast printouts from the Pagewide printers. Graphics which are produced using this printer is excellent and good- looking. You can use this printer as an alternative to the HP Pagewide Printers.


Being one among the expensive printers the HP Pagewide Pro is targeted to satisfy the small and medium- size business. The cost of the HP Pagewide Pro printer satisfies you with its uncompromising print job. Get high quality printouts, and graphics. It offers the printouts of the required documents at greater speed. It operates at a level which is even unimagined by you. Get the printer and see its performance.

HP Pagewide Printer Models

HP Pagewide Pro Printer Models

How to Install HP Pagewide Printer?

  • The method begins with the packing materials removal. Discard the packing materials from the front, sides and rear side of your HP Pagewide Printers.
  • Check the list items being shipped. You will receive a USB cable, ink cartridges, a duplexer, software installation CD, and more.
  • Make use of the USB cable which is shipped to connect the printer and computer if you opt for the Wired connection mode. The choice of preferring the connectivity mode is up to you.
  • You have to open the scanner lid , cartridge access door to discard the packing materials and subsequently, close the scanner lid and cartridge access door.
  • Join one end of the power cable to the HP Pagewide Printers rear and then join the other end of the power cable to the electrical supply.
  • Power on the printer by pushing the power button, hold on for a second until the printer is idle and then proceed to the further steps.
  • Opt for your desired language and country/region from the printer’s control panel and then click on the Yes icon to confirm the choice.
  • Unlock the scanner lid and cartridge access door. Scrutinize whether the carriage displaces easily in the access area and hold on until the carriage is inactive.
  • Raise the cartridge latch, discard the new cartridge from the package and then insert the cartridges into its allotted slots.
  • Once the ink cartridges have been inserted successfully, lock the cartridge latch to secure the cartridge. Subsequently, close the cartridge access door and scanner lid.
  • Mount the paper into the input tray and then push the paper width guides against the edges of the paper and then go with the Done option in order to align the ink cartridges installed.
  • After accomplishing the alignment of cartridges, the HP Pagewide Printers hardware is assembled. Now you can make an attempt to install the printer driver and software suitable for your printer model.
  • You can use the installation CD that you get in your shipment box. You can avail the appropriate HP Pagewide Printers driver and software from our website as well.

Scan Settings – HP Pagewide Printers

The instructions provided in this document let you configure the scan to email feature using the HP Pagewide Printers Embedded Web Server.

  • Get the printer’s IP address in order to access the EWS.
  • Launch the browser on your personal computer, go to the address line, key in the HP Pagewide Printers IP address, and then click on the Enter option.
  • Go to the EWS home page, and click on the Scan option. On the scan page, tap on the Scan to Email option, and then press Scan to Email Setup.
  • Go to the Scan to Email Setup option, slide down to the Outgoing Email Profiles heading. Under this heading, tap on the Add New Profile icon.
  • On the Email Profile page, index the email address in the Email Adress column, and the profile name in the Display Name column.
  • Once you have completed entering the Email Address, the Display name, and the PIN, click on the Next option to proceed further.
  • Go to the SMTP Server column, key in the SMTP server for your network. Go to the SMTP Port column, and key in the SMTP Port.
  • Press the radio icon which is located next to the Server requires authentication, if prompted. Then key in the User name, and the password.
  • If you want to include a new recipient, select the check box which is present next to the include sender on all email messages sent out successfully from the HP Pagewide Printers.
  • Subsequently, click on next. Go to the Summary page, review the settings to confirm that the information provided is accurate, and click Done.

Scan To Computer

  • Open the scanner lid, and place the items whose items to be scanned on the scanner glass with the print side facing down.
  • Subsequently, close the scanner lid and activate the scan connection to the computer. The instruction is for Wireless network only.
  • Activate the Manage Scan to Computer option to send scans from the HP Pagewide Printers to a computer via wireless network.
  • Search for your printer name, tap on the Scanner Actions and followed by the Manage Scan to Computer option.
  • Activate the scan to computer option by clicking the Enable option. Go to the printer’s control panel, tap on Scan and Ok.
  • Choose the Scan type which you want. It can be either photo (JPEG) or Document (PDF). Then click on Ok again and start scanning.

Scan To Email
  • Go to the HP Pagewide Printers control panel, click on the Scan option. On the displayed scan menu click Email.
  • Choose the name of the profile you want to send from, enter the security PIN, and click on the Done option.
  • You can even add one or more recipient, if required. Subsequently, click on the Done option. Include the subject, if needed.
  • To include more recipient, click on the To column. You can see a touch keyboard. Use it to enter the email address you want, and click Done.
  • Locate the document on the scanner glass or into ADF with the printed side facing up. Go o the From screen, and click Start Scan.
  • By doing this the HP Pagewide Printers scans the document and then send the scan to the email account you want.

Scan To Memory Card
  • You can place the item to be scanned either on the scanner glass or on the Automatic Feeder tray, based on your preference.
  • To place the material in the scanner glass, open the scanner lid, keep the document to be scanned on the scanner glass based on the engraved guides.
  • To place the material into the ADF tray, open the lid, keep the printed side facing up, and then move the top edges of the item into the tray first.
  • Pull the document into the ADF until a tone is heard or a message is screened on the control panel display.
  • Place the memory card which you want into the Pagewide printer. Go to the control panel of the HP Pagwide printers and click Scan.
  • Use the right arrow till you can see Memory device, and then click on the OK option. You can even customize the scan, if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Envy

You can avail the appropriate scan software or driver from Play Store and App Store. Check your mobile device operating version, search for the driver, go through the prompts and download it.

When you make an attempt to scan from your HP Pagewide printer, the scanner error message might display. This can happen when the communication between the printer, router, and the computer is not proper. So if you encounter this issue, check the network connection first.

Go to the printer’s control panel, click on the Scan icon. Go to the Scan To menu where you can click the Computer option. Choose the Select Scan Type menu where you can click on the Start Scan option and start scanning.

Scanning of the printer might fail when the operating system of your computer is not compatible with the driver which you have installed.

HP Easy Scan application is available in Play Store and App Store. You can download it based on the mobile device you are using. HP Easy Scan may not work if they are incompatible with your mobile’s operating system.

When the scan is done from your HP printer, you can attach it to your email and send it. For this, you should have a valid email account, an active Internet connection.

Go to the printer’s control panel, follow the prompts. When the scan type menu opens, you should choose Document (PDF) option, and click Ok to start the scanning process.

To scan a text that is editable , install the Readiris Pro software. Place the materials to be scanned and go through the prompts. Click on the Readiris Pro icon, tap on the scan option. When the scan is completed choose the format, and overview the scan by clicking on the Overview option. Tap on the Recognize+ save button on the Readiris Pro pane, and save the document. By doing this, your document opens by itself in Textedit.

You might receive the scanner reported error message when the communication is lost. The error message can be a fake at time. But have a thorough knowledge about the printer to sort out the issue.

Place the document whose scan is to be taken on the scanner glass, go to the control panel and choose the scan a document or photo option. You can change the required changes to the scan like scan size, resolution, output type, and more.