Instant Guidelines for HP Pagewide 377dw Printer

Make use of the latest version of the HP Pagewide 377dw Printer driver and software for both Windows and Mac operating systems by clicking the link.

Utilize Pagewide 377dw printers for printing professional-quality printouts and photos at a very low cost.The printer is the perfect choice for small-scale business. With all its latest features of duplex scanning, you can save your time The printer is affordable for all users with best security features and also energy efficiency.

  • Print multiple pages at single pass using the Automatic Document Feeder
  • Print your documents or photos wirelessly with mobile printing feature.
  • Send your scanned document straight to the printer’s email address.
  • You will be able to print straight from the USB drives .
  • Utilize the quiet mode to avoid the obstructions while printing the item.
  • Save power up to 50% using the Energy Star certified printers.
  • The printer is compatible with the Windows and Mac operating systems.

HP Pagewide 377dw printer


In HP Pagewide 377dw Printer, you will be able to store the print job in the printer and print later. To store printer memory or to secure the confidential information, it is necessary to remove the stored print jobs in the device. The job storage is activated by default. You will be able to deactivate it, in case necessary.


Scan to email app that permits you to scan and email the photos and documents to the recipient’s email address straight from the printer. You can create email address, sign up into your accounts with the help of provided PIN code and then scan and email the document or photos. You can use EWS method for the feature.


Make use of the copy both sides of the identification cards which helps you to copy the small-sized documents onto the single sheet of paper. When the device instructs to you to copy the first side and then rotate the second side of the page on the scanner glass and then make a copy of the document again on the single page.


Utilize the Digital Fax which helps you to receive the faxes automatically and store them straight to the system. The feature helps you to save the paper as well as cartridges. Most of the received faxes are stored as TIFF or PDF file formats. Make sure that the destination folder of the system is available all the times.

HP Pagewide 377dw Printer Installation Steps

Uncrate the printer and eliminate all the packing materials from the printer. Once you are done with the steps, link the power cable to the printer’s rear and wall socket. Switch on the printer. Insert the HP Pagewide 377dw ink cartridges into their respective slots and then try to install the printer driver in the Windows and Mac operating system.

Get the appropriate printer driver and HP Pagewide mfp 377dw software in the Windows operating system for installation.

Link the HP Pagewide 377dw Printer and the Mac system and avail the upgraded printer driver and software for best features.

HP Pagewide 377dw Printer Wireless Setup

  • Link the printer to the wireless network using Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Acquire the wireless router network settings that is network name and password from the system administrator .
  • On the printer’s control panel home screen, tap Settings.
  • On the Settings display, tap Network Setup->Wireless Settings->Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • The printer detects the list of available wireless networks for connection.
  • Choose the network name for your wireless router from the list of available wireless network names.
  • Key in the name of the network and password, if the network name is not enlisted .
  • Tap OK and pause until the printer connects over the wireless network. Now, try to print a document.

HP Pagewide 377dw Printer Mobile printing

  • Make use of Wi-Fi Direct to print wirelessly from your mobile devices.
  • With Wireless capable devices, you can print wirelessly without linking to an existing network.
  • Make certain that the system and mobile device has required HP Pagewide mfp 377dw software.
  • In case you are using mobile phones, ensure that you have supported printing app.
  • Make certain that the Wi-Fi Direct for the printer is switched on.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi connection on the mobile device. From the mobile device, link to a new network.
  • Select the Wi-Fi Direct name from the list of available wireless networks.
  • Key in the password, if prompted and then try to print the sample document from your mobile device.

hp pagewide 377dw ink

HP Eprint

HP ePrint is a free service that permits you to print from the HP ePrint enabled printer. You will be able to print from any location. It is not necessary to install any additional drivers or software in your device to enable the ePrint .

  • Make sure that the mobile devices have an Internet access.
  • Activate the Web Service in your HP Pagewide 377dw Printer either using the printer’s control panel or Embedded Web Server.
  • On your mobile phones, access your email application.
  • You can generate a new email message and then attach the file you wish to print.
  • Type the ePrint email address in the To:Field and choose the option to send mail.
  • To identify the HP ePrint mail address, tap Settings->Web Services Setup. Print Info Page.
  • The page contains the printer code and guidelines on customizing the email address.
  • Now press the print option on the app and then print the mail, photo or document or webpage you wish to print.

hp pagewide mfp 377dw software

HP Airprint

AirPrint app is compatible with all Apple devices. You can print from your apple devices on-the-go using the AirPrint app. Apple AirPrint is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac devices. It is not necessary to install any drivers for enabling the app.

  • To use the AirPrint option, utilize the following steps below:
  • Make certain that the HP Pagewide 377dw Printer and Apple devices are linked over the same network for printing.
  • Insert paper that matches the paper settings into the input tray.
  • AirPrint is enabled automatically, if it is disabled, access the EWS to enable the app.
  • On the Embedded Web Server page, tap on the Network settings icon.
  • On the Network Page, select the AirPrint icon and then choose the Status icon to examine the status icon.
  • In the AirPrint Status row, choose the Turn On AirPrint option to activate the app.
  • After activation, select the document or photo you intend to print and then tap Print option to print it from the system or mobile.

HP Pagewide 377dw Printer Ink Cartridges

To print from the Pagewide printers, make use of authentic ink cartridges. With the help of authentic ink cartridges, you can print professional quality printouts. The number of printer cartridges used is black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Try to use high-yield ink cartridges which helps you to print more than normal printouts. While inserting or replacing the HP Pagewide 377dw ink cartridges, handle them carefully. In case of any dropping of cartridges can cause temporary printing problems. Examine the ink level of the cartridge frequently which helps you to replace the cartridges.

  • To verify the cartridge level from the printer’s control panel or from the printer HP Pagewide mfp 377dw software, tap the ink icon which displays the ink level in the ink cartridge.
  • To examine the ink level from the Embedded Web Server, select the Tools tab and then select Cartridge level Gauge which helps you to screen the ink level.
  • To check the ink level from the software for Windows operating system, access the HP Pagewide 377dw Printer Assistant which is a software installed in the Windows OS.
  • On the HP Printer Assistant screen, on the Print, Scan &Fax tab. Select the Maintain your printer icon and then select the estimated Cartridge level tab.
  • For Mac operating system, access HP utility. Make certain that the printer is chosen. Select Supplies Status in which the estimated ink levels displays.
  • We also provide you steps on how to substitute with the new cartridge in case the ink level is low or empty while examining. Initially, switch off the printer.
  • Unlock the cartridge door. Drag the old cartridge inwards to unlock and then uninstall it. Hold the old cartridge and then drag the cartridge out to release it.
  • Make certain that you never tap the metal contacts on the cartridge. Insert the new cartridge into its respective slots and then seal the cartridge door.
HP Pagewide 377dw Print Quality Issues

You are printing a document or photo. Lines or streaks appears in the document or photo. This can be mainly due yo the usage of unauthentic ink cartridges or the ink cartridges may not be compatible with the HP Pagewide 377dw Printer. In certain, when you replace the HP Pagewide 377dw ink cartridges, you can solve the issue. If you encounter the same issue again, the problem can be with the paper inserted, examine whether the paper is supported by the printer for printing purpose. The lines or streaks that appear in the paper makes your items readability or appearance very poor.

  • Examine whether the ink cartridges are genuine and compatible.
  • Make certain that the paper type settings are proper for the print job you are trying to print.
  • Examine whether the driver is compatible with the printer.
  • While printing, ensure that the paper that is used is compatible with the printer.
  • Print a Print quality report to examine whether to align the printhead.
  • To align the printhead, tap on the settings icon on the printer’s control panel. Tap Printer Maintenance.
  • On the HP Pagewide 377dw Printer Maintenance screen, tap Align printhead to begin the alignment process.
  • In case you are not able to resolve the print quality issue, contact our technical support team to sort out the issue.