Ge the Full Guide for Setup

  • Driver Download
  • Wireless Setup
  • Scanner Software
  • Fax Setup
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Troubleshooting

Make use of the HP Officejet Pro 8720 setup printer which manages the costs and professional quality color. Just a touch on your print icon using the NFC enabled mobile device print your documents more easily and faster. Utilize Duplex Printing, reduce paper use and cost of the printouts. Easily print your documents or photos using the mobile printing option.

  • Print, scan, copy and Fax
  • Supports both the Windows and Mac operating system
  • Print, Scan, Copy and Fax a document and photo as per your preference.
  • HP ePrint, Apple Airprint, NFC touch to print
  • Enable Borderless Printing on your HP Officejet Pro 8720 setup Printer
  • Send your scanned items direct to the email
  • Enable duplex printing to save pages and costs
  • Utilize to print multiple pages using Automatic Document Feeder
  • Send your documents easily without a network in Wi-Fi Direct

Unboxing HP Officejet Pro 8720 Printer

Make your first-time HP Officejet Pro 8720 setup a very easy task using the user manual. Examine whether the USB cable, ink cartridges, input tray, duplexer, software installation CD and warranty card are consigned within the box. Check whether any contents are damaged. If so, try to replace the contents in the box. Are you performing the unbox setup for the first time? Utilize the step by step instructions and unbox the printer.

Step 1:Unload the printer and see the packaging to examine the list of contents consigned in the box as the content may differ by country/region.

Step 2:Eradicate all the packing materials in and around the printer.Be cautious while removing the packing materials from the ink cartridge access door and input tray door.

Step 3:Connect one end of the power cord to the printer’s rear, then plug the other end of the power cord into an electrical outlet and then switch on the printer.

Step 4:For customizing the preferences in the printer’s control panel, choose the preferred language and country/region. Select Yes to ratify the choice

Step 5:If urged, choose the date and time from the printer’s control panel, choose Yes to ratify the choice.

Step 6:Unlock the input tray door, then drag the paper tray extender towards you and then move the paper width guides to their farthest position

Step 7:Load the paper into the input tray with short edge forward and the print side down. Shove the stack into the tray until it fixes into place and then move the paper width guides against the edge of the printer

Step 8:Make sure you install the ink cartridges that are consigned in the box with the printer. Elevate the ink cartridge access door until it snaps into place.

Step 9:Take off the cartridge and eliminate the plastic tape from it. Be cautious, seat the cartridges into the respective slots and then seal the lid

Step 10:Feed the alignment page with the print side down on the scanner glass, seal the scanner lid and then press OK on the printer’s control panel. Make sure you install the printer software.

Installation Steps for Printer

Without installing the driver and software, you cannot use the printer to print your print job. Install it and start printing your file.

Install the recent printer driver and software on your Mac device. If you need any help, refer our website and install it based on the guides.

HP Officejet Pro 8720 Setup Printer Ink Cartridges

Prevent the excess costs and wastage by utilizing the standard ink cartridges. The Ink cartridges used are black and color cartridges. Utilize the color cartridges for printing photographs. Due to instant dry feature, the printouts are smudge proof. Ultimate quality in every page makes your ink cartridge free clogging of print heads. Avail XL cartridge which prints twice the normal pages that assist you to save the ink as well as cost. Print using the original ink cartridges which are designed with fraud protection.Using the QR code, verify whether the cartridges are standard cartridges. With its low ink level alerts assists you to deliver any number of performance and have consistent results from the HP Officejet Pro 8720 Setup Printer. Store your documents and photos over many decades with the water resistant and smudge proof ink cartridges. Never place the ink cartridges in open air for more than 30 minutes as it may result in dry of the ink cartridges.

123 HP OJPRO8720 Ink Cartridge Installation

For printing a document in color or black ink, it is necessary to install the ink cartridges. Be cautious, while inserting the ink cartridges into the slots. Eliminate the protective tape from the ink cartridge. Insert the color cartridge into the left slot and black cartridge into the right slot respectively. Align the ink cartridges and then attempt to print, scan or copy from the printer.

  • Switch on the HP Officejet Pro 8720 Setup Printer and access the lid that encloses the cartridges. Move the ink cartridges to the middle of the printing area.
  • Clasp the ink cartridge. In certain cases, ink cartridges have clips that can be pressed to release them from the ink tray.
  • Prior to unwrapping the new cartridge, shake the new cartridge for even distribution of the cartridge. Be cautious, while shaking before opening the bag to avoid leakage.
  • Eliminate the protective sticker or tape in the ink cartridge before installing the ink cartridge.
  • Insert the ink cartridges into their respective slots. Press the ink cartridge down until it fixes into place.
  • Once you have installed the ink cartridges, wait for the ink cartridges into align and then try to print the test page.

123 HP OJPRO8720 Replacing Ink Cartridges

Are you facing any issues with the ink cartridges? Make sure that you are making use of the cartridges that are compatible with the printer. Examine whether the ink cartridges are faulty. If the ink cartridges are faulty, substitute with the new ink cartridge. Look for the warranty card, if the cartridge is under warranty period, replace it with the new one.

  • Ensure that the HP Officejet Pro 8720 Setup Printer is switched on. Raise the top cover of the printer. Halt for a minute until the carriage slides to the rights side of the printer.
  • Release the old ink cartridge by pressing down. Take away the new ink cartridge from the packaging. Eliminate the protective tape from it.
  • Clasp the ink cartridge such that the electrical contacts are on the bottom and move the cartridge facing towards the printer.
  • Glide the ink cartridge into the carriage until it fixes into place. Insert the ink cartridges into their respective slots.
  • Seal the top cover of the printer. In order to avail best print quality, align the ink cartridges. Mount plain papers into the input tray.
  • On the HP Solution Center, select Settings->Printer Tool Box->Align the Print Cartridges>Align. Once the printer prints the test page,align the ink cartridges.

123 HP OJPro8720 Wireless Setup

For setting up the HP Officejet Pro 8720 Setup Printer over the wireless network, examine whether the printer supports wireless connections. There are various methods to connect the printer to the wireless network. For the printers with control panel display, make use of the Wireless Setup Wizard which is accessible from the Wireless menu. The list of the wireless network is detected once the printer is connected over the network. After choosing the network name, key in the wireless password, in case prompted. Once keying in, your printer is linked to the wireless network 123 HP OJPro8720 Wireless Setup

123 HP OJPro8720 Scanner Driver And Software

For Scanning a document or photo, make use of the scanner glass or Automatic document feeder. Prior to scan, ensure that you have installed the Scanner Driver and Software for the printer. Check whether the driver is compatible with the printer model and operating system version. Trail the guidelines mentioned on the screen to install the driver on the system. Once you have installed the driver, attempt to scan a document or photo.Scanning is one of the additional feature available in the printer. Alter the scan settings such as resolution, color, if required

HP Officejet Pro 8720 Printer Fax Setup

Fax is one of the additional features of the printer to scan a document and send the scanned document using a land-line connection to another fax enabled device. The quick and easy process to send and receive the copies of legal or medical documents. Faxing is one of the secure methods to send your legal or confidential documents.

How To Fax From Printer

Prior to set up the fax service, ensure that you have an active landline connection. Plug in the telephone cable and establish the fax connection for the HP Officejet Pro 8720 Setup Printer. Make use of the 2-wire telephone cord and adapter that came with the printer’s packaging. Choose the fax settings from the printer’s control panel.

  • Detach the telephone devices from the phone jack for linking the printer.
  • Unplug the port titled 2-EXT from the printer’s rear.
  • Tap Fax->Fax Setup ->Preferences on the printer’s control panel.Tap Rings to Answer on the display.
  • Include contacts to the fax phone book on the printer’s control panel.
  • On the Setup screen, tap on the Dial type as Tone or Pulse.
  • Alter the fax speed on the printer’s control panel to increase the communication speed between the HP Officejet Pro 8720 Setup Printer and fax devices and then modify the basic fax receive settings. On the printer’s control panel, tap Fax->Setup->Preferences->Rings to Answer.
  • Alter the volume of the fax ringer,configure the fax header and then run a fax test from the printer’s control panel. 8720
123 hp officejet pro 8720 support

Troubleshooting in HP Officejet Pro 8720 Printer

Printer Not Responding Message

While inserting the paper into the printer, the paper gets jammed in the interior of the printer. This issue mainly occurs due to the mismatch of paper type while inserting into the tray.

Network Scanner Connection Error

While attempting to scan a document or photo, the scanner fails to scan. So examine the connection status of the wireless or wired network based on the printer model. Update the printer driver and software for the scanning process.

Print Jobs Stuck in Print Queue

When printing a paper, the paper gets stuck in the interior of printer. You will not be able to print the further documents which are queued up Delete the documents from the print queue and restart the printer to solve the issue.

123 HP OJPro8720 Printer is Offline

Attempting to print a report”Printer offline message is displayed on the printer’s control panel.Examine whether the connection between the HP Officejet Pro 8720 Setup Printer and system are secure and make use of our guidelines to sort out the issue.

123 HP OJPro8720 Ink System Failure

Examine whether the ink cartridges are leaking.The leaking leads to ink system failure. In case the ink cartridges are leaking, take away the ink cartridges and replace with a non-leakage and genuine ink cartridges.

123 HP OJPro8720 Printhead Problem Error

Most of the users encounter the print head problem in case you are not making use of genuine ink cartridges. Refilling or non-genuine ink cartridges accumulates ink nozzles and blocks the nozzles so the print head problem occurs.