123.hp.com/ojpro6978 Printer Setup and Quick Install Support

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123.hp.com/ojpro6978 Printer produces printouts of documents and photos at terrific print quality and remarkable print speed. Because of its low running cost, HP Officejet pro 6978 is suitable for low- volume printing in small business.

  • Good and professional print quality.
  • Compatible with multiple connectivity choices.
  • Fast with low running cost, feasible, pocket friendly.
  • Good choice for small office purpose.
  • Supports auto duplexing Automatic Document Feeder.
  • Easy to maintain and low maintenance cost.
  • Produce outstanding documents and crisp photos of your choice.
  • Input capacity of HP Officejet pro 6978 Printer is up to 225 sheets.
  • Scanner optical resolution is 600 Pixels Per Inch.
  • All-in-one 123.hp.com/ojpro6978 printer type capable of printing, scanning, faxing.

123 hp setup 6978

Unboxing 123 HP Officejet pro 6978 Printer

Do you find difficult to unbox and install the HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer? It is nothing much, just take the printer out of the package box, remove all the packing materials in and around the printer 123.hp.com/ojpro6978, link the power cable, configure the control panel preferences, place paper into the input tray, fix the ink cartridge, and then run, install the HP Officejet Pro 6978 driver and software. Trail the guidelines provided here to unbox the printer and start printing.

Step 1:Remove the printer from the package. check the packaging for a list of items that comes with the shipped box. The items might vary by country/region.

Step 2: Eliminate all the packing materials from the HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer. Cautiously eliminate the tape from the ink cartridge access door and the input tray door.

Step 3:Link one end of the power cord to the 123 HP Setup 6978 Printer rear end, then link the other end of the power cord into an electrical socket and then power on your printer.

Step 4:In the event of setting the preferences on the printer control panel, click your preferred language and country/region and then go with the Yes option.

Step 5: If prompted, click the date and time, and then choose Yes option to save your choice.Once you have customized the preferences,you need to proceed to the connection process

Step 6:Now, unlock the input tray door, then drag it toward you so that the the paper tray extends and then tug the paper width guides as much as you can.

Step 7:Place a stack of U.S. letter, or A4 size paper into the paper tray. Keep the the short edge forward and the print side rests down and then tug the stack into the tray until it snaps.

Step 8:Make certain that you have installed the HP ink cartridges that shipped in the box with the HP Officejet pro 6978 Printer. Elevate the ink cartridge access door until it snaps into place.

Step 9:Take the cartridge out of the shipment box and eliminate the plastic tape from it. Cautiously insert the cartridge into the respective slot and then close the lid to secure the ink cartridge into place.

Step 10:Place the alignment page with the print side down on the scanner glass, then close the scanner lid and then click OK on the printer’s control panel.Install the 123.hp.com/ojpro6978 printer software.

123.hp.com/ojpro6978 Printer Installation and Setup Steps

Configuring the printer 123.hp.com/ojpro6978 is not a great task. Make use of the CD which you got in the package. If you have lost the CD, no issues. We provide an alternative source for your printer driver. That is us. You can get it from our website either. The guidelines provided here helps you install the HP Officejet Pro 6978 driver and customize.

We offer the simplest method of connecting the HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer to Windows computer.

Know how to connect the printer to Mac computers using the instructions provided on our website.

123 HP Officejet Pro 6978 Wireless Setup

Setting up the HP Officejet pro 6978 Printer allows you get online from more places in your house. We provide the instructions on how to setup the 123 HP Setup 6978 printer. Connect the power cord, power on the prinetr and then HP Officejet Pro 6978 install the ink cartridges that you receive along with your package. Let your printer 123.hp.com/ojpro6978 go through its start up routine, inclusive of printing an alignment page. Proceed with the instructions further by choosing the connection methods. By this time, you have to select the HP Officejet Pro 6978 wireless setup option. In wireless connection type, you have various platforms like HP Wireless direct, Wi- Fi Direct, Wireless Protected Service. Liable to the printer’s compatibility, you can choose the platform to connect the printer to the Wireless network. The procedure does not vary much. We provide detailed and precise instructions for our customer’s benefits.

123 HP OJPro 6978 Wi- Fi direct

It is one such features which lets you connect the HP Officejet pro 6978 Printer to the Wireless network without need of wireless router or access point. Connecting the printer using Wi- Fi Direct is same as how you connect your Wi- Fi capable device to hotspot or a new wireless network.

  • Go to the printer’s control panel to enable HP Wireless direct or Wi- Fi Direct. Ascertain that the Wi-Fi radio on the computer is on and then get connected to HP Officejet Pro 6978 wireless setup direct or Wi-Fi Direct.
  • If you enabled HP wireless direct on with security, provide the WPA2 password, when instructed.
  • If you are connecting the printer for the first time, install the HP Officejet pro 6978 Printer software for the computer and then proceed with the provided steps.
  • If you have already installed the software, follow the prompts to connect the computer to Wi-Fi Direct. If you are done with the HP Officejet Pro 6978 software installtion, and used the USB connection type, follow the below steps to shift the connection to Wi-Fi Direct.
  • For Windows 7 computer, click on the Start icon, press Programs, tap on your 123.hp.com/ojpro6978 printer model followed by the Printer Setup & Software option.
  • For Windows 8 computer, click the Printer Software from the Start screen, tap on Utilities, choose 123 HP Setup 6978 & Software followed by the Connect a new printer option.

Scanning software for 123.hp.com/ojpro6978

Many scanning software are available for your HP Officejet pro 6978 Printer model. You can download it and install which is suitable to your printer model. we provide instructions for scanning using HP Officejet Pro 6978 software. In this section, you will come to know the guidelines on how to scan from your HP Officejet 6978 printer using HP Scan and Capture software. Make use of this HP Scan and Capture to capture photos or documents from your HP Officejet 6978 printer or the camera which is on your computer. Now, power on the printer, choose the area where you want to place the original document, tap on the HP Scan and Capture option. Go to settings followed by choosing your 123.hp.com/ojpro6978 printer name from the list. Tap on the Document Scan option, revert from the Settings menu, tap on the Capture Documents or Capture Photos. Once the scanning process is done, save it. 123 HP Setup 6978 Scanner

Troubleshooting in 123.hp.com/ojpro6978

123 HP OJPro 6978 Replacing Ink Cartridges

The 123.hp.com/ojpro6978 printer functionality fails even when the problem lies with the ink cartridge. Faulty ink cartridge produces fine lines, ink smears on the printouts which is actually not fair.

123 HP OJPro 6978 Not Connect To Computer

The communication between the HP Officejet pro 6978 Printer and the computer lacks when the connection is lost or the signal strength is weak. It is advised to check the connection status.

123 HP OJPro 6978 Printhead Issue

Printhead issue adversely affect the printer functionality. This also act as one of the reasons for the paper jam. Printhead issue can be avoided by cleaning the printhead periodically.

123 HP OJPro 6978 Scanning Issues

The HP Officejet Pro 6978 printer encounters scanning issue when the scanning software you downloaded is incompatible with the computer’s operating system version.Download the compatible scan app in the PC

123 HP OJPro 6978 Won’t Print Black Ink

The printed item sometimes fails to meet the expected print quality and produces smears in printout.If the 123.hp.com/ojpro6978 printer encounters an issue, your printer’s control panel send an alert message.

123 HP OJPro 6978 Printer Offline

This 123.hp.com/ojpro6978 printer issue is faced when the Internet connection between the computer and the HP Officejet pro 6978 Printer is not maintained properly. By that time, your printer’s control panel sends an alert message. Use the instructions to sort this problem.