Quick 123.hp.com/oj7510 Printer Setup and Install

Generally, most A3 printers are expensive but the new 123.hp.com/oj7510 Printer is easily affordable for both home users and small businesses. With this printer, you can produce A3 posters, brochures and other marketing materials. The printer also includes a 35-sheet document feeder. You can connect the printer through Ethernet or USB or Wi-Fi Direct or wireless network. The HP OJ 7510, also supports AirPrint and HP ePrint. As there is only one input tray, you can use the OfficeJet 7510 as a conventional A4 printer most of the time and just switch to A3 paper every now and then. The 123.hp.com/oj7510 printer also generates good text quality.


123 HP Officejet 7510

  • The printer can copy, scan, fax and perform wide-format print.
  • The printer supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems.
  • The HP OJ 7510 has a duty cycle up to 12000 pages per month.
  • The 123.hp.com/oj7510 printer includes a color touchscreen for easy access .

HP Officejet 7510 Driver and Manual


Unboxing HP Officejet 7510 Setup Printer

If you are setting up the printer for the first time and are skeptical about the steps to be followed, take a deep breath an relax. Unboxing and setting up the printer is quite an easy task. You need to take out the printer from the box, connect the power cable, set control panel preferences, mount paper into the input tray, install the ink cartridges and then install the software. We have listed the steps below to aid you.

Step 1: Take out the 123.hp.com/oj7510 printer from the box and discard all unwanted packing materials from inside and outside of the printer.

Step 2:As there is a possibility that the contents might vary by country/region, you can view the packaging for a list of items shipped in the box.

Step 3:In order to install the input tray, line up the input tray extender with the input tray and then push the input tray extender onto the input tray until it locks into place.

Step 4: Now, place the output tray on top of the input tray extender and then push the tray forward until it snaps into place.

Step 5:After installing the output tray, lift the scanner lid to discard unwanted wrapping materials from the scanner glass and then shut the scanner lid.

Step 6:Connect the HP Officejet 7510 Setup Printer to a power source,turn on the printer and then set your preferences by tapping the preferred language.

Step 7:Mount plain, U.S. letter or A4 paper into the input tray. Raise the output tray and then slide out the paper-width guides as far as possible.

Step 8:Ensure to not push the guides in so tightly that they bind against the paper. Now, pull out the output tray extension and then raise the paper catch.

Step 9:Ascertain that you install the HP ink cartridges that shipped in the box with your 123.hp.com/oj7510 printer.

Step 10:Carefully insert the cartridge into its slot and then shut the cartridge access door to ensure that the cartridge is safe.

Installation Of the HP Officejet 7510 Setup Printer

Do you want to install your new HP OJ 4650 printer? You can easily setup the printer by using either the CD that came with the printer or by following the instructions on the HP Officejet 7510 manual. The prompts given below may help you install the printer and set the printer up and running.

Go through our user manual on how to install the 123.hp.com/oj7510 printer driver and software for Windows Operating system.

Utilize the instructions on how to install the latest 123.hp.com/oj7510 printer driver and software for Mac operating system.

HP Officejet 7510 Driver for Scanner Software

You can capture photos or documents from the multi-function HP Officejet 7510 Setup Printer by downloading an app that supports the system.It is mandatory to have the HP printing software installed on the computer.Once you install the app, ensure to turn on the 123.hp.com/oj7510 printer, then place the item on the scanner glass or into the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).Browse the app and then locate it. Select settings on the menu icon and then tap Select Device. Customize the scan settings. Once the scan is completed, select the save icon to save the item to a folder.

hp Oj 7510 scanner software

How to Scan with OJ 7510 Printer

The scanners come with a variety of features based on your comfort. A flatbed scanner is suitable for scanning photos or other easily damaged originals, bound material and 3D objects. Moreover, with an automatic document feeder (ADF), you can scan longer documents.

How to Copy with OJ 7510 Printer

You can easily copy and save any document or photo on your system. e-Copying is a feature in which the document is scanned and converted to a computer file. Few printers are also enabled with the duplex copy feature(copy on both sides).

How to Print with OJ 7510 Printer

Almost all 123.hp.com/oj7510 printers nowadays are compatible with Mobile printing solutions such as HP ePrint, Air print, etc. These features let you easily print from almost anywhere. With duplex (double-sided) printing, you can reduce the cost per page.

How to Fax with OJ 7510 Printer

You can send and receive faxes easily, which can be read only by the recipient.The eFax feature is easy to use and it saves both your time and money. You will receive a fax number that enables you to send and receive faxes by email or your online account.

123 HP Officejet 7510 Wireless Setup

Setting up your 123.hp.com/oj7510 printer on a wired network requires ample time when compared to setting up the HP Officejet 7510 Setup Printer on a wireless network. You can easily setup your printer on a wireless network by following the network setup instructions on the HP Officejet 7510 manual. All you need is to initially collect the network name and password and then turn on the router, printer and computer to begin the printer set up. If you are setting up the printer over the wireless network for the first time or if you have never configured a wireless router before, select Wireless Network Setup Wizard and follow the on-screen instructions.

123 HP Officejet 7510 Wi-Fi Direct

This technology is an emerging technology which is meant to meet the growing demand of the HP Officejet 7510 Setup Printer users for easy and portable wireless network connectivity. You can easily connect to the wireless network without the need of the presence of a HP Photosmart 7510 Wireless Setup router or an access point or a hotspot.

123 HP Officejet 7510 Wifi Password

Almost everyone worries about the security of their home network, especially from hackers who can easily hack your sensitive information, from anywhere. You can navigate to your router’s settings and look for the security options.You need to index the password. A strong password helps to secure your Wi-Fi network.

123 HP Officejet 7510 Ink Cartridge Support

Sometimes Cartridge Problem or Ink Cartridge Failure error message displays on the control panel, on installing the cartridge. Moreover, you will notice that an icon displays on the control panel that indicates which cartridge is causing the error. It is recommended that before you begin printing, ensure the cartridges are compatible with your HP Officejet 7510 Setup Printer. Follow the prompts given below to resolve the ink cartridge issue. 123.hp.com/OJ7510 Ink Cartridges

123 HP Officejet 7510 Troubleshooting

You initially need to make sure that your HP Officejet 7510 Setup Printer is switched on and connected to your PC. Try restarting the printer. In case the issue is still unresolved, there is a possibility that the printer may need a new HP Officejet 7510 Driver. Ensure to select Start, then tap Devices and Printers and then select the 123.hp.com/oj7510 printer model from the list that appears.

123 HP OJ7510 Offline

Sometimes the printer might go offline abruptly. When you select the print option, the printer might not print. On the printer’s control panel, you may view that an offline message appears. You can solve the issue and get back the printer online.

Color or Black Ink Not Printing

Is your printer working, but the printed output is missing black or color ink? After completing the printer setup, if you notice that the black ink or color ink is missing or faded on your printouts, try HP Photosmart 7510 Troubleshooting the HP Officejet 7510 Printer.

123 HP OJ7510 Print Quality Problems

Generally, fixing poor print quality print is easy if you know how to troubleshoot the issue. If the printed document is not as per expectation or is blurry it may not only affect your productivity but also the time spent on it goes in vain.

123 HP OJ7510 Margins Issues

In order to resolve this issue, ensure to not exceed the margin minimum restrictions for the HP Officejet 7510 Setup Printer. In case you try to select the option that is not supported, the illegal selections will be marked with a tiny yellow triangle.

123 HP OJ7510 Ink Cartridge

Your 123.hp.com/oj7510 printer may not print unless the error is resolved. If you notice any error message, it is advisable to first check the ink level of the cartridge. In case the cartridges are low on ink, try replacing the ink cartridge immediately.

Cannot Locate Wireless Printer

Only when you connect a HP Officejet 7510 Setup printer to your PC you can start printing. Later, you have to locate the printer over the network.If you are unable to locate the 123.hp.com/oj7510 printer, solve the issue by following the steps given on our website.

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