Instant printer setup Support printer is a simple, reliable inkjet multifunction printer ideally designed for homes and small offices because of its affordable price, good quality prints and compact size. It can print, scan, copy, scan, fax, print utilizing the cloud, and print directly from tablets and mobile phones. It supports connection methods like USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, NFC and Wi-Fi Direct. You can conserve up to 70% on ink with optional Instant Ink replacement service which is also cost effective. has 25-sheet Automatic Document Feeder, a separate 15-sheet photo tray suitable for printing photos without changing the paper, and also handles multi-page and double-sided documents as well.

123 HP Officejet 5740 Setup Function

  • It has the Automatic Paper sensor feature.
  • It is certified with the Energy Star.
  • It is compact and weighs 7.65 kg.
  • Scan to an Email or Memory Device.
  • The duty cycle is up to 1000 ppm.
  • The fax transmission speed is 33.6 Kbps.

Printer Driver and Manual

hp officejet 5740 printer

Unboxing HP Officejet 5740 printer setup

Remove the printer from the box to HP Officejet 5740 printer setup the hardware and to install the printer software on the PC. Separate the printer from the box, and then separate all tape, stickers, and packaging materials from the printer’s interior. Execute the steps below to unpack and setup the printer for the first time,

Step 1: Once you separate the printer from the box, discard tape and packaging material from the printer’s exterior, scanner lid, and ink cartridge access lid.

Step 2:Unlock and lift the input tray, separate the output tray, and then separate all tape, stickers and packaging materials from the printer photo tray.

Step 3:As the paper tray is open, secure the photo tray and push out the paper width guides to separate the tapes and packing materials.

Step 4: You can position the output tray on the paper tray, and then slide in the input tray until it locks into its correct position.

Step 5:Verify whether you have separated all hardware and materials from the printer box prior throwing away or recycling the packaging materials, tapes, and box.

Step 6: Check the packaging for the complete list of items shipped in the box as the contents in the box changes by country or region.

Step 7:Link the printer into an energy source, switch it on, and then adjust the time, date, language, and country on the printer control panel.

Step 8:Fill white paper in the main input tray once you unbox the HP Officejet 5740 printer setup and then secure the input paper tray into its correct place.

Step 9: Install the ink cartridge that you have received in the box with your printer into the empty slot, and then lock it into place.

Step 10:Place the tri-color cartridge into the left slot and the black cartridge into the right slot, and then the cartridges are calibrated and aligned.

Installation Of the HP Officejet 5740 printer setup

You can install the printer automatically, but in some cases, you need to manually add the printer to a network. You can locate the installation manual as a PDF document on our support page for your printer. The HP Officejet 5740 printer setup installation process can be performed by utilizing both the USB and network connections.

Once you update the Windows OS to Windows 10,it is necessary to upgrade the printer driver and software.

Once you update the Mac operating system,make sure that you need to update the printer driver and software.

Scan Setup for HP Officejet 5740 printer

You have to download and install the Windows application to commence and edit scan jobs straight from the computer you are using. You can have any one among the scan applications like HP Scan Software, HP Solution Center Software, Windows Paint, HP Scan and Capture, Windows Scan and more. Before choosing the application you have to check your computer’s operating system version. Just download it, use the prompts, and start to scan the required materials.,

123 HP OJ5740 Scan To Computer

To scan a document from the printer control panel to your PC, verify whether the desktop is powered on, and the printer driver is installed. The HP Officejet 5740 printer setup should be linked to the PC with a USB cord or over the wireless network. You can save the scanned document as PDF or JPEG.

123 HP OJ5740 Scan To Email

You can automatically send scanned images and files to a single or multiple email addresses directly from the printer control panel. To utilize this feature, verify whether the printer is linked to the wireless network and that Web Services is activated. You can scan using the scanner glass or from the ADF.

123 HP OJ5740 Scan to PDF

The HP Officejet 5740 printer setup should be linked to your PC and is installed correctly before scanning your document. You can utilize this setting to scan text files that do not require any editing and also the documents can be compressed to occupy space. Utilize the Save as Editable to scan a document that requires editing.

Wireless Setup for HP Officejet 5740 printer

Link your desktop and HP Officejet 5740 printer setup to the network and then install print driver and software from our website During the installation, if prompted, choose the connection type as Wireless and you can even connect multiple printers to the same network. You just need a Network name and password, and broadband internet access for the wireless connection. It gives good security against hacking by utilizing strong passwords and security solutions. It has fast speed and zeroes wireless interference issues and moreover, the installation and maintenance cost is relatively less.

123 HP Officejet 5740 Wi-Fi Direct

It provides a direct wireless connection to your printer that authorizes you to print without connecting a local network or linking to the Internet. Once you enable Wi-Fi Direct on your HP Officejet 5740 printer setup, you can safely print the items from desktops and smart phones. It functions at long distances and fast speeds.

Wireless WEP, WPA, WPA2 Password

To print wirelessly, you require the wireless network password to link your printer to your wireless network. The password may be called the Wi-Fi security key, WEP key, or WPA or WPA2 passphrase. If you forgot your wireless network password, you can locate it on your router or manual given by ISP.

123 HP OJ5740 Ink Cartridge Replacement

When the ink cartridge is empty or the printouts quality is not good, replace the ink cartridge. Try to clean and align the print head before replacing it. If you can see some streaks, smudges, or lines, your print head might be unaligned or requires cleaning. After replacing the cartridges try to print a test page to check whether the installation is correct and the ink flow is good. Ink Replacement

Troubleshooting for HP Officejet 5740 printer

Troubleshooting means analyzing and solving the problems related to the HP Officejet 5740 printer setup. In the control panel, select Printers, Printers & Fax or Devices & Printers icon, choose Printer Properties and then press Print Test page button. General printer troubleshooting are, Paper Jam, Printer won’t Print, Printing blank pages, Error state, alignment fail, etc.

123 HP Oj5740 Won’t Print

If there are no error messages related to your problem, verify if the printer is still linked, through the USB or Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. If the printer driver is corrupted, then it must be reinstalled.

123 HP Oj5740 Printer Offline

An offline status shows that the PC is unable to link with the printer and it does print. You can automatically solve some problems that causes the printer to go offline by utilizing the HP Printer & Scan Doctor.

123 HP Oj5740 Printing Blank Pages

Sometimes, the printer prints an additional blank sheet and after deleting the viruses or malware, if the issue is resolved, there is no necessity to troubleshoot. If not, try to upgrade or uninstall the printer software.

123 HP Oj5740 Error State

If you receive a message as “Error State”, check whether the printer’s hardware is working by printing a Quality Diagnostic Report. To print it, choose Tools on the printer control panel, and select Print Quality Report.

123 HP Oj5740 Print Quality Problems

If the prints are faded, devoid of colors in some places, ink smears, and blurred, then the print quality is poor. You need to make use of authorized ink or toner cartridges, then the issue can be avoided.

123 HP Oj5740 Alignment Fail

When your printer setup shows an alignment fail error message on the control panel, you will not be able to print . To solve the alignment fail issue,trail the steps by clicking on Know more option

Technical Support Troubleshooting