Complete Guide for HP Officejet 200 mobile printer wireless setup

HP Officejet 200 mobile printer wireless setup – Due to the convenience that the wireless network offers, most people prefer this network over the Ethernet network. The wireless network offers increased productivity and good collaboration. In case you’ve purchased a new PC, do remember that there’s more beyond the printer’s basic setup. As the heart of your home network is your router, it’s worth investing time researching your options before deciding on one. The first step to creating a solid home network is installing the router. There is a possibility that you may be confused how to choose the right one. You can follow the basic guidelines given below to get the right router configured for a secure wireless (HP Officejet 200 wifi direct) network. Also, ensure to verify if the router requires any upgrade.

  • In order to prepare for the connection, you need to collect the network name and password.
  • It is advisable to use broadband Internet access such as cable or DSL for software downloads, using Web Services and getting printer updates.
  • Switch on the router and the computer and then verify that the computer and the printer are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Select the HP Officejet 200 mobile printer wireless setup icon on the printer control panel, then enter Settings and then select Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Ensure to install the driver by double-clicking the driver file in the browser downloads bar or in the Downloads folder on the computer.
  • You can complete the connection setup and driver installation by following the on-screen HP Officejet 200 mobile printer wifi direct instructions.

HP Officejet 200 WPS (HP Officejet 200 Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This HP Officejet 200 wifi direct printer wireless setup helps to make connections between a router and wireless devices faster and easier. The wireless networks using the deprecated WEP security are not supported by WPS. Unless you know the network name (also named SSID) and password (also named WPA-PSK key), you can’t connect a wireless device to a wireless network.

  • Ensure that you have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and then access your router’s setup page.
  • Open any web browser, then enter the IP address on the Address bar and then tap Enter.
  • When you are asked for your log-in details, enter the password and then tap OK.
  • Select the network, then enter the PIN in the blank field and then tap the Register button.
  • In case you encounter problems with the WPS setup such as Connection Failure, you can refer the instructions on the printer manual to configure your router’s wireless and HP Officejet 200 mobile printer wifi direct settings individually. Now, tap OK to continue.

HP Officejet 200 WiFi Direct – HP Officejet 200 mobile printer wireless setup

HP Officejet 200 wifi direct lets you easily connect the Wi-Fi-enabled devices without messing around with access points and lengthy passphrases. You need not use your router as Wi-Fi Direct devices establish their own networks as and when required, letting you see which devices are available and choose which one you want to connect to. Your communications are kept private as Wi-Fi Direct uses Wi-Fi Protected Setup and WPA2 to prevent unauthorized connections.

You can follow the guidelines given below to connect to the Wi-Fi Direct.

  • Switch on HP wireless direct or HP Officejet 200 mobile printer wifi direct from the printer’s control panel and then turn on your mobile device or computer.
  • Ascertain that the Wi-Fi radio is on and then connect to HP wireless direct or Wi-Fi Direct the same way you would do for any other wireless network.
  • Now, ensure that the name format used by HP wireless direct and Wi-Fi Direct are different and enter the WPA2 password when prompted by the mobile device or computer.
  • It is advisable to note that HP Officejet 200 wifi direct always uses a WPA2 passphrase and it cannot be turned on without WPA2 security.
  • In case you haven’t installed the printer software for your computer, ensure to do so.
  • Now, select HP Officejet 200 mobile printer wireless setup for the connectivity option from the printer software UI.
  • If required, you can install the latest version of the HP printer plug-in application for mobile devices.

HP Officejet 200 Bluetooth Setup – HP Officejet 200 mobile printer wireless setup

Bluetooth technology is an alternative to data cables. Though setting up Bluetooth is not particularly difficult, the process for devices that use Windows, Mac OS and Android slightly vary. It is mandatory to ensure that the computer is Bluetooth compatible and it is enabled on the computer. You can download and install the software with the CD that came with the package or download it from our website.While using HP ePrint on your Android device, Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth low energy, activates automatic printer connection. Bluetooth Smart comes with your HP printer, make use of it and connect your printer similar to the Wireless connection and HP Officejet 200 Mobile Printer Wireless Setup.