HP Laserjet Printer


The HP Laserjet printer is affordable for the business use. This is the most secured printer. Make use of the Print, Copy, Scan and Fax option. Acquire high speed performance and improve your business productivity. The available network connection: Ethernet and Wireless network connection. With the wireless network connection, you can print a document from any place at any time. Mobile printing makes your job easier by printing a document on the go.


Avail professional printing with the help of Laserjet Pro printer. Print a document on both the sides of the page by automatic duplex printing. Use the ePrint and AirPrint app on your mobile device and print a document swiftly. Save your resource with an energy star certified printer. You have built-in Ethernet and Wireless network connection. With the wireless printer, print from anywhere and maintain the devices within the range of the network.

HP Laserjet Printers

HP Laserjet Pro Printer

Unboxing – HP Laserjet Printer

Start to install your printer, once you received from shipping. Use the instructions which are given below and makes your HP Laserjet Printer installation process easier. Once the installation gets completed, you can start to print a document.

Step 1: Take away the printer from the box, unseal all the packing materials and tapes from and inside the printer.

Step 2: Remove the tape from the ink cartridge access door, scanner glass, and duplexer. Ascertain that you remove all the packing materials.

Step 3: Link the power cord to the network and set the preferences based on your necessities.

Step 4: Position the papers inside the input tray and align it. Use an appropriate paper type and size.

Step 5: Place the ink cartridge into its correct slot. Color cartridge on the left side and the black ink cartridge on the right side.

Step 6: The HP Laserjet Printer aligns the cartridges. Once the alignment gets over, the printer prints an alignment page.

Step 7: If the printer didn’t print an alignment page, navigate to Setup, choose Printer maintenance–>Align printer.

Step 8:The printer prints an alignment page. Choose Ok and then recycle the alignment page.

Step 9: Go to our website, download and install the printer driver and software based on the compatibility.

Step 10: Ensure that you connect the HP Laserjet Printer and the system to the network (Wired or Wireless).

Mobile Priniting

Mobile printing makes your printing easier and faster. Print a document on the go from any place at any time. HP Laserjet Printer Mobile printing automatically increases the user’s productivity. Install the app on your mobile device and use it. The mobile printing is applicable for both an Android and Mac user.

  • Open the Play Store or App Store and download the ePrint or Apple AirPrint app on your mobile device.
  • Based on your mobile device download the app and install it on your mobile device on your preferred location.
  • Open the app, edit the settings according to the preference. Open the document or photo which is saved on your mobile device.
  • Go to File and choose the print option in HP Laserjet Printer.
  • Prior to printing, you can preview the document by choosing the Print Preview option.
  • Choose the desired number of copies that you want to print and then click the Print option HP Laserjet Printer.

Photo Priniting

Print the better-looking photos from a Windows or Mac computer using the correct paper type, size, and an appropriate print job settings. Place the photo paper into the main paper tray. The positioning of paper may vary based on the HP Laserjet Printer and the tray.

  • Prior to printing a document, edit the photo to improve colors, brightness, and other settings.
  • Open the photo in the Windows Photo Viewer or Paint.
  • Choose Print or File and then select Print.
  • Access the printer Document Properties window to access more layout, quality, color and advanced print settings.
  • From the Print Windows In Paint, select Preferences. Make use of the guide to find and use the print job settings for a photo in the Document Properties window in HP Laserjet Printer.
  • Name of the menu and print settings may vary by printers. Select Ok–> Print.

Troubleshooting – HP LASERJET PRINTER

If you find that your HP Laserjet Printer doesn’t work properly, fix the issue and perform the basic troubleshooting steps. Try the troubleshooting tips and rectify your issue. Not all the printer issue are difficult to resolve. Just use the tips which are given on our website and rectify it. We provide all type of printer troubleshooting solutions. Just take a glance and clear it. Or else, use the manual which came along with your HP Laserjet Printer and resolve it. Retain your printer to the normal state, and print your desired document or photo without any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Laserjet and Laserjet Pro
  • If it is a Wired network, ensure that the printer and the computer are connected properly. Check whether the cables are plugged properly.
  • In case it is a Wireless network connection, verify that the Wireless network name and password you entered is correct.
  • Position the computer, printer, and router at a minimum distance during the Setup process.
  • Check whether your printer is compatible with the Wireless printing and start your setup process.
  • Reboot the printer, wireless router and computer.
  • Print a Wireless Network Test Report from the printer’s control panel to confirm.
  • On the report in the Diagnostic Results connectivity area, check the connection status. If it is Pass, the printer is connected over the network. If not, the printer is not connected to any network.
  • Ascertain that the Wireless router is powered on and functioning properly. You need to link the printer to your network again.
  • Re-link the printer to the network if it is not connected.
  • Check any messages at the top of the report that can assist you to clear the issue.
  • Check for and take away any paper stuck in the input tray
  • Clear the jammed paper from the posterior side of the printer
  • Take off the two sided printing accessory to clear the paper jam
  • Open the front cover and remove the jammed papers
  • Ensure that the print carriage can move slowly
  • Reload and test the printer by printing a sample document.

Many mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets, offer a way for you to print over a wireless network or the web to your printer. Check the compatibility of the printer. Verify that your printer is supported by the mobile printing feature. Ensure the operating system version is supported by your printer.

No. In case the printer is linked to your system via a USB cable, printing from your Windows 10 mobile devices does not work out. Your printer must be linked to a Wired or Wireless network.

The basic settings are available when you print from your Windows 10 Mobile device. Some additional setting might be available based on the printer model and Windows 10 Mobile device version.

  • Copies: Choose the number of copies that you want to print.
  • Color mode: Choose either the Color or Black and White/Mono option for your print output.
  • Orientation: Click Portrait or Landscape format.
  • Paper Size: Choose U.S letter or A4 paper.
  • Pages Range: Choose the pages to be printed in a multi-page document.
  • Power off the printer . Unplug the cables from the printer for additional safety.
  • Open the main cover and take away all the stuck paper. Remove the paper slowly.
  • Take away the print head and remove the jammed paper from it. And then insert the print head again.
  • Sometimes paper gets stuck near the output tray. Remove any visible paper and then place the output tray.
  • Yes, You can make use of the wireless printer with more than one system over your wireless network.
  • Install the compatible printer driver for your printer.
  • During the installation process, choose either Through the network, Network or Wireless when it is prompted.
  • The software will automatically detect your printer over the network.
  • Use the on-screen guides to complete the software installation for your printer.
  • Verify the paper size setting to ensure that it corresponds the paper you want to print.
  • Open the document that you want to print from, select File–> Print.
  • Choose the printer from the Printers drop-down list.
  • Select Page Setup–> Paper Size. Choose the paper size that matches the size and type of paper placed in the printer tray. Select Ok.
  • Now print the desired document.
  • Plain paper
  • Envelopes
  • Cards
  • Transparencies/ Film
  • Labels