Instant Guide for HP Envy 7645 Ink Cartridge

In order to acquire a good quality print of a document, it is essential to install genuine HP Envy 7645 Ink Cartridge. After setting up your printer, the next step is to install the ink cartridges that shipped with the printer. It is mandatory to verify if the ink cartridges are installed correctly. During the initial printer setup, if the HP 7645 Ink are not installed properly, there is a possibility that you may notice an error message. You can go through the prompts below.

HP Envy 7645 Ink Cartridge Replacement

Ascertain that you replace the ink cartridge as soon as possible if you notice any error message to replace it. Sometimes, you may also notice that the ink out light is flashing or is on. This indicates that there is a problem with the ink cartridge. It is advisable to replace the empty or low ink cartridge with genuine HP ink cartridge. The steps given below may guide you.

  • Don’t remove the cartridge from its slot until you are ready to replace it with a new one. After receiving the replacement cartridge, turn on the printer by pressing the power button.
  • Also, ascertain that the power light is on, but not flashing. Now, lower the output tray and then lift the printer cover. Make sure that you press the ink button to check the printhead.
  • Once you press the ink button, you may notice that the print head moves to the HP Envy 7645 Ink Cartridge replacement position. Sometimes, in few situations, the power light might also flash.
  • Now, lift the cartridge cover, then pinch the sides of the ink cartridge that you want to replace. Carefully remove the old HP 7645 Ink holding it with both hands and dispose of it properly.
  • Ascertain that you discard all the unwanted packing materials from the new ink cartridge. Once you ensure that it is carefully placed it into its slot, shut the cartridge access door.

HP Envy 7645 Ink Cartridge Installation

In case you have bought a new printer or it’s time to replace an old, empty ink cartridge in the printer, it may just take few minutes. You can primarily try switching on the printer and then remove the new ink cartridge from its package. Discard all the unwanted packing materials from it. Now, raise the ink tray and then insert the new cartridge into its slot. You can follow the basic instructions given below that may guide you to install the ink cartridge.

  • In order to open the ink cartridge access door, you initially need to pull the edge of it. Ascertain that the printer is properly connected and turned on to check the power connections.
  • Now, remove the new ink cartridge from the package and make sure that you discard the protective tab on the HP 7645 Ink. Also, remove all the unwanted packing materials from it.
  • The cartridges are provided with color indications on their tops, where the ink cartridge with the blue top is the colored ink and that with the black top is the black ink.
  • Make a note that the HP Envy 7645 Ink Cartridge generally has two small plastic tabs on its top near the sticker which indicates the ink number.
  • Ascertain that these tabs are closer to you.
  • Ensure that the color cartridge goes on the left side and the black cartridge on the right side. After inserting the cartridge into its slot carefully shut the cartridge access door.