Guidelines for HP Envy 5665 Wireless Setup

If you opt for a wireless connection mode, check what are the platforms are compatible with your HP Envy 5665 printer. Newly launched printers have many platforms such as HP Auto, Wi-Fi Direct, HP Wireless Protected Setup, Auto Wireless direct. Each has its own HP Envy 5665 Setup characteristics and advantages. Read our documentation on each sections of HP Envy 5665 Wireless Setup methods and opt for a suitable method.

Printing with HP Envy 5665 Wi-Fi Direct

The modern evolution in wireless technology has introduced a platform called Wireless direct or Wi-Fi Direct which is compatible with your HP Envy 5665 printer. This lets you initiate the wireless connection between the printer and the computer without using any access point. Just connect all the devices involved in the print system to a single network and enjoy the signal strength at its fastest.

  • Get directed to the control panel of your HP Envy 5665 printer and enable the HP Wireless Direct or Wi- Fi Direct. Subsequently, check whether the Wi- Fi radio on your mobile is on.
  • Use same procedure which you usually do to initiate the wireless connection on your devices. If HP Envy 5665 Wireless Setup direct with security is enabled, key in WPA 2 Passphrase.
  • Wi-Fi Direct always works with WPA 2 passphrase and WPA 2 security is required to establish the network connection. After that install the printer software.
  • If you have connected the computer in which you have already installed the software, follow the prompts to initiate the connection using Wi-Fi Direct.
  • After that trail the on- screen prompts and add your printer name to the queue to start the print job. For more tips, call us on the number which you see on your screen.

HP Envy 5665 WiFi Password

Wi-Fi password is must if you want to connect the printer to a HP Envy 5665 Wireless Setup network. The password which is to be entered is called as Wi-Fi Security key, WPA or WPA2 passphrase, or WEP key. This terminology depends on the printer model you are trying to connect to the network. ISP provide gives you default HP Envy 5665 Wifi Password. You can even change this according to your convenience later.

  • To know your password, look for View network connections, and choose View network connections from the displayed results and proceed to the next HP Envy 5665 Setup step.
  • Pick out your printer name, right- click on it, and then tap on the status option. By doing this, Wi- Fi or Wireless Network connection window opens.
  • Go with the Wireless Properties option, tap on the Security tab, and then click on the Show Characters check box to view the wireless network password.
  • The password is also present on the HP Envy 5665 Wireless Setup router. In certain router, the password is provided on the label present at the bottom. If no label is present move to the next step.
  • The HP Envy 5665 Wifi Password for your router can also be obtained on the Internet Service paperwork. Check the documentation from the ISP or contact Internet Service Provider for HP Envy 5665 Setup assistance.