HP Envy 4512 Troubleshooting

Generally, the printer issues are mostly related to hardware or software or network connection issues. Check what type of issue it is. If it is the hardware issue that occurs with the printer itself or the software issue on the computer which is attempting to print or the network connection issue between the printer and the computer. Given below are a few general printer issues and HP Envy 4512 Troubleshooting steps.

HP Envy 4512 Ink Cartridge Error

When the HP Envy 4512 ink cartridge error displays, you may notice that the printer does not print and the status lights blink. Sometimes, the errors can occur with genuine HP ink cartridges. During such circumstances, ensure that the ink cartridge is reinstalled. There is a possibility that the electrical contacts could be dirty or the ink cartridges might not be aligned properly or there could be an ink cartridge or printer failure. Follow the HP Envy 4512 Troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue.

  • Ensure that the installed ink cartridges are compatible with the printer. You can follow the on-screen instructions to order new supplies or check cartridge compatibility with the printer.
  • If the ink cartridge is not placed properly, an HP Envy 4512 ink cartridge error message might display. Take out and then reinstall the ink cartridge.
  • Turn on the printer and then open the ink cartridge access door. Now, with a lint-free cloth, clean the ink cartridge and carriage electrical contacts.
  • If the issue still persists, reset the printer. Replace the ink cartridge with a new, compatible HP ink cartridge, if cleaning and reseating the ink cartridge did not fix the problem.
  • You can print in backup mode if you need to print immediately and the quality of the printouts is not a concern. If the issue still persists, service the printer.

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hp envy 4512 troubleshooting

HP Envy 4512 Printer Offline

During certain circumstances, when you select the print option, you may notice that nothing happens. You may notice that a HP Envy 4512 Printer Offline message displays. The printer might go offline due to several reasons. You need not worry as you can get your printer back online in no time. Follow the HP Envy 4512 Troubleshooting steps given below to resolve the offline issue for the HP Envy 4512 printer.

  • Ensure to check if there is a good network connection between the computer and the printer. You can download HP Print and Scan Doctor to diagnose and resolve printing problems.
  • For Windows, Set the default printer driver and for Mac, remove all extra printers and leave one ‘idle’ printer in the list that matches your printer. Use this printer as the Default printer.
  • Now, if the printer remains offline or displays an error, reset the printer. Moreover, it is a good option to ensure that the correct port is selected.
  • If you find that the selection does not match the current connection used by the printer, then select the correct port type. If necessary, update the printer firmware and create a manual connection.
  • If the problems persist, proceed to the next step. You can add the printer using HP Printer Assistant and verify the status of the printer.

HP Envy 4512 Troubleshooting for Printhead Problem

The problem may occur if you are not using a genuine HP ink cartridge. If you use a low-quality cartridge, the ink may accumulate over the nozzle and block the way. Make sure that the cartridges are not left out for a long time. Check if the connections are proper and also that the cartridges are installed correctly. Follow the HP Envy 4512 Troubleshooting solutions given below to resolve the issue.

  • The foremost step is to ensure that the ink cartridges are compatible. It is a good option to use genuine HP ink cartridges to obtain a good quality print of a document.
  • If the issue still persists, reset the printer. Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer to prevent the carriage from moving and then reset the printhead.
  • You can remove the ink cartridges and check for the error message to resolve the printer issue. Carefully clean the ink cartridge contacts with a clean cloth.
  • You can update the printer firmware to resolve the printhead issue. After updating the firmware, if the issue still persists, you can replace the printhead.
  • If replacing the printhead did not resolve the issue, you can replace the printer. For any clarifications and support, contact us on the Toll-free number.

HP Envy 4512 Troubleshooting for Fixing a Carriage Jam

The printer may experience a cartridge or carriage jam as it gets older. In case you want to clear the jam, it might not be a cost-effective solution to purchase a new printer or hire a professional. On the other hand, you can troubleshoot your printer and clear the cartridge jam individually without the use of special tools, equipment or training. Follow the basic HP Envy 4512 Troubleshooting steps given below to fix the issue.

  • When you turn off the printer, the printer automatically tries to eject any remaining paper inside the printer. Wait for a while and then turn on the printer.
  • Ensure that you pull out any jammed paper from the output slot in front of the printer. Disconnect the power cord and then carefully pull out any paper from the ink cartridge access area.
  • Ensure that the carriage moves freely, once any jammed paper is discarded from the ink cartridge access area. Take out and carefully reinsert the ink cartridge into its slot.
  • Now, plug in the printer directly into a wall outlet to ensure that the power source functions correctly. If you find that there is some connection issue, fix it immediately.
  • Sometimes, you may notice that the printer may display a Carriage Jam error, even after the issue has been resolved. You can try resetting and then servicing the printer if the issue persists.
HP Envy 4512 Troubleshooting for Paper Jam

Sometimes, during a print job, the printer stops feeding pages and a HP Envy 4512 paper jam error message might display on the printer’s control panel. Paper jams can either be real or false. There may be situations when the printer might report a paper jam even if there is no jammed paper. The following HP Envy 4512 Troubleshooting steps apply to both real and false paper jams, that may guide you to resolve the issue.

  • Ensure that you clear jammed paper from the printer, the input tray, the output tray, the ink cartridge access area, the ADF and also from underneath the printer.
  • Now, ascertain that the carriage moves freely across the width of the printer. You can use a flashlight to check for any objects restricting the carriage.
  • Generally, cleaning the page smears with an automated utility can help clear paper jams. Ascertain that the printer is loaded with plain white paper and then try to print again.
  • With a clean cloth, you can manually clean the paper feed rollers and to remove dust or dirt buildup on the printer, apply a moderate amount of pressure.
  • You can reset the printer to try to clear a false HP Envy 4512 paper jam error, then try to print again. If the above steps did not clear the paper jam, service the printer.