Instant Guidelines for HP Envy 4512 Printer Setup

How to Setup HP Envy 4512 Airprint?

Generally, HP Envy 4512 Airprint functions with your private wireless network to print straight from supported apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The print will be carried out to a compatible HP printer and these apps run on iOS 4.2 or later version. This mobile printing solution is enabled with the Apple iOS v4.2 and advanced mobile operating systems. You can follow the steps given below to HP Envy 4512 Printer Setup Air Print.

  • Ascertain that your printer and Apple iOS device are located on the same local network else the printer must facilitate Wi-Fi Direct or HP wireless direct.
  • Make sure that the Apple iOS device and printer are linked by means of a wireless network or by means of a Wi-Fi Direct/HP wireless direct or a USB cable.
  • Ascertain that the printer is powered on, then access the document, photo, email, or web page you wish to print and then tap the Action icon.
  • You can choose the printer model from the list that appears and then tap Options to modify other settings, if necessary in HP Envy 4512 Airprint setup.
  • Few options including paper size might not be customized and must be modified from the HP Envy 4512 Setup. Ensure that you choose the number of copies you wish to print.

How to Setup HP Envy 4512 EPrint?

The HP Envy 4512 EPrint Setup feature helps you to be more productive and gain greater control with true mobile printing from HP Connected. This feature is a lot like Google Cloud Print except that it’s better because you are no longer limited to just Gmail and Google Docs for your cloud printing needs. The steps below may guide you to HP Envy 4512 Printer Setup this feature on your HP Envy 4512 printer.

  • The foremost step is to ensure that your printer supports HP e-Print. Now, search for an HP e-Print logo, button, or icon on the printer’s control panel.
  • Ascertain that your computer is linked to a wired (Ethernet) or wireless network and is equipped with an active Internet connection and then enable Web Services.
  • Now, select the HP HP Envy 4512 EPrint Setup icon or button on your printer’s control panel. Update the firmware, if prompted. Select Print Info to get an information sheet and then proceed to the next step.
  • Ensure that you locate the printer’s email address on the information sheet. This sheet consists of details about the web services. Now, proceed to the next step.
  • Enter the printer’s email address in the To: field and for additional recipients, type the email address in the Cc: field. Also, type the subject in the subject line.

How to Setup HP Envy 4512 Cloud Print?

HP Envy 4512 Cloud Print helps you to print from any web-connected device. It routes print jobs between your computer, smartphone, or tablet and sends it to an Internet-connected printer. Without the need for complex HP Envy 4512 Printer Setup and driver installation, it allows users to easily discover printers and print from their own device. You can follow the steps given below to print documents and photos safely from any mobile or network-linked device to your HP Envy 4512 Setup.

  • Ascertain that you have:
    (i) A computer equipped with Chrome, Linux, OS X v10.7 or advanced and OS, or Windows XP or advanced, or Chromebook.
    (ii) A Google account.
    (iii) A Google Cloud Print Ready printer.
  • Make sure that the printer is linked to the same network as your computer with an active Internet connection.
  • Turn on the printer and then access the Chrome browser.
  • Now, log into your Google account, then select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • In order to access the Manage button, go to Show Advanced Settings and then navigate to HP Envy 4512 Cloud Print.
  • You can register the printer and use the email address that HP e-Print allocated to the printer.
  • After selecting the HP Envy 4512 Setup model from the list, modify any print settings and then tap Print.
  • Follow the on-screen HP Envy 4512 Printer Setup instructions to print a file or an e-mail or web page from your computer. You can also print by means of Gmail or the Google Drive.