HP Deskjet 3722 Ink Cartridges

Utilize the HP Deskjet 3722 Ink Cartridges which you get along with your printer. It is mandatory to setup the ink cartridge when you customizing the printer. If not, ink cartridge error occurs. Take a glance at our manual to know whether the purchased ink cartridge is an authentic one or not. It is recommended to use the authentic ink cartridge to get best print quality.

  • Put your fingers into the slot on the left side of your HP Deskjet 3722 printer, and then gradually pull it to open the cartridge access door of your HP printer.
  • You should not proceed until the printer retains from its idle state and then proceed the further steps.
  • You should not keep your Deskjet 3722 Ink Cartridges open in free air to avoid ink damage in later times.
  • Grasp the hands of the printer on its both sides and then gently fix the toner into its slot. Push it until you hear a snap sound. This sound is generally produced when the toner is placed properly.
  • This same steps should be maintained whenever you place an ink cartridge into its slot.
  • After installing all the ink toner, align them. If the alignment is proper, allow your printer to print a test page.

HP Deskjet 3722 Ink Cartridges Replacement

Ink cartridge should be replaced when the installed toner is not authentic or ink is about to get over. Using the toner with low level ink results in producing poor quality printouts. You might also receive smudges and smears on the printouts when it is printed using the low ink cartridge. Take a look at the succeeding steps and know how to replace the ink cartridge.

  • Place an order of a toner from authentic dealers. .
  • Find the faulty HP Deskjet 3722 Ink Cartridges and get an alternate to substitute in its slot.
  • Power on the printer and then open the top cover of it. After the printer carriage settles down, pull out the installed toner from its slot.
  • Unpack a new toner and place it in slot as how you did before.
  • Do the same procedure if you want to install more than one tone.
  • After the toner is properly placed, align the ink cartridge and let your printer print a test report.

HP Deskjet 3722 Ink Cartridges Installation

Ink installation is nothing but fixing the ink cartridge into its provided slot. You have to fix the toner into its slot after assembling all hardware. Remove the protective tapes that present on the top of the toner. Do not keep it open for long time in order to avoid drying of the ink cartridge. For more details, get connected to our tech support team.

  • Check whether you use authentic HP Deskjet 3722 Ink Cartridges for your printer.
  • Remove the plastic tapes and protective covers which is present on the top of the ink cartridge.
  • After opening the protective tapes fix it into its slot before it starts drying.
  • Place color toner to the left slot and black toner to the right slot.
  • After placing the toner close the ink cartridge access door.
  • For more details call us on the number displayed on the screen.

hp deskjet 3722 ink cartridge installation

Estimating HP Deskjet 3722 Ink Cartridges Level

If you want to replace any HP Deskjet 3722 Ink Cartridges you have to check the estimated ink level or toner level of your HP printer. It is a precaution which you take to replace the toner before entire toner gets completed. You have software to check the estimated ink level. If you want to know more about the estimation of the ink level in HP printers, call us on the number which is displayed on the screen.

  • The installed HP printer driver helps you manage the ink level or toner level of your HP printer.
  • Power on the printer, look for the Solution center, and check the ink level.
  • If you are a Mac user, search for the System Preference option, and then follow the prompts to check the ink level.
  • You can also use applications to check the ink level. We provide detailed instructions on how to measure the ink level using different applications.
  • For more details regarding the ink level estimation call us.
  • To reach our tech team, give a 123.hp.com/dj3722 solutions.