HP Deskjet 3632 Troubleshooting

HP Deskjet 3632 Power Button Blinking

Sometimes the Power light may blink and a message may display on the computer. The HP Deskjet 3632 printer may display any one of the messages such as Cover is open or Printer is out of paper or Paper jam or Incorrect Print Cartridge, etc. The HP Deskjet 3632 Troubleshooting solutions for the power button blinking issue are given below. You can follow them to fix the issue instantly and continue printing.

  • If you receive the ink-backup mode message and two cartridges are installed in the printer, ascertain that the plastic tape is discarded from each cartridge.
  • The printer cannot detect the installed cartridges if the cartridge’s contacts are covered by plastic tape and hence, remove it.Now, press the Power button to turn on the printer, then open the printer cover and then lower the paper tray to access the cartridges.
  • The presence of even a single piece of jammed paper can stop the printer functionality. It is mandatory to take out the paper. You can use a flashlight for this purpose.
  • The Power light blinks may also blink if the Cover is open message displays on the computer. The HP Deskjet 3632 troubleshooting solution for this is to close the printer cover.
  • If HP Deskjet 3632 does not pick up labels or paper correctly the printer button may blink. You can try changing the printer’s print mode setting and paper type selection.

HP Deskjet 3632 Not Printing

There are various reasons as to why your Hp Deskjet 3632 printer won’t print. You need to verify if there is an error message or warning light on the printer, check if the ink cartridges are empty, ensure there is a paper in the tray and that the USB cable is plugged in or the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi. You can follow the HP Deskjet 3632 Troubleshooting prompts below to fix the issue.

  • Reboot your computer, printer and wireless router. Also, recheck if the printer is connected to your network.
  • Now, in the Diagnostic Results, check the status of your printer and make sure that your wireless router is turned on.
  • Reconnect the printer to your desired network. You may need to set up your HP Deskjet 3632 printer again to work with the new router settings if you have restored your router.
  • Deactivate your VPN connection temporarily and then try to print again. Later on, you can compare the Printer’s Previous IP Address with the IP Address on the Wireless Network Test report.
  • If they do not match, you need to type the IP Address in the Printer’s Current IP Address field. Now, proceed to the next HP Deskjet 3632 troubleshooting step.
  • Now, choose the printer model from the control panel, then tap Save to update your software and then set a static IP Address.

HP Deskjet 3632 Won’t Connect to Wifi

Sometimes placing the printer closer to the router might increase the speed and reduce printing time but there are other ways to improve the Wi-Fi performance. Make sure that the router supports 802.11n and the firmware is updated. As per your necessity, add a wireless extender or a repeater to increase the performance. The Wifi connectivity issue can be resolved with the help of the basic HP Deskjet 3632 Troubleshooting steps given below.

  • Reboot the computer, printer and wireless router and make sure that the printer is connected to the network.
  • Check the status of the printer in the Diagnostic Results and ascertain that the wireless router is turned on.
  • Now, check the network name and ascertain that you choose the software that is recommended for both your printer and computer.
  • Verify if the computer is connected to the same network as the printer.
  • Install the software for your HP Deskjet 3632 printer and connect the printer to the network.
  • Change the router’s username and password, then review the router settings, and then print the Network Configuration Page.

HP Deskjet 3632 Error State

In few cases, HP Deskjet 3632 printer might display an error message with numbers and letters and there may be no additional text describing the cause of the error leading to an unexpected error. The alphanumeric codes vary time and again. Few begin with 0x whereas others begin with a B or C. eg: B069A414, 0xc05d1281, etc. Follow the prompts given below that may guide you to resolve the HP Deskjet 3632 Troubleshooting issue instantly and let you continue printing.

  • Turn on the printer, wait for a while and then disconnect the USB cable from the rear of the printer.
  • Now, take out the ink cartridges from the printer.
  • Unplug the power cord from the rear of the printer.
  • Wait for few seconds and then connect the power cord back into the wall outlet.
  • Also, ascertain that you reconnect the power cord to the rear of the printer.
  • Switch on the printer, then reinsert the ink cartridges and then close the ink cartridge access door.
  • If resetting the printer by following the above steps did not fix the issue, ensure that you service the printer.

hp deskjet 3632 troubleshooting

HP Deskjet 3632 Offline

In few situations, you may receive an alert message stating that HP Deskjet 3632 printer is offline. You may not be aware of the reason for this issue. Do not freak out. You can get back your printer online in a flash. First, go with the primary HP Deskjet 3632 Troubleshooting steps to solve this issue. We have provided the troubleshooting solutions that may help you to overcome this printer issue.

  • Ensure to check if there is a good network connection between your Deskjet 3632 printer and the computer. Also, remove any obstructions between them.
  • You can download HP Print and Scan Doctor to diagnose and resolve printing problems instantly. Now, proceed to the next step.
  • Set the default printer driver for Windows and for Mac, delete all extra printers and leave one idle printer in the list that matches your HP Deskjet 3632 printer.
  • Reset the printer, if necessary and also you need to make sure that the correct port is selected.
  • But if you find that the selection does not match the current connection, choose the correct port type.
  • If the HP Deskjet 3632 troubleshooting problem persists, you can proceed to the next step. Now, add the printer using HP Printer Assistant and check the status of the printer.