HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw Printer

hp color laserjet pro mfp m477fnw printer

The HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw Printer provides unmatched print, copy, scan, and fax performances. With its durable build and comes with impregnable security settings to keep your data safe. Finish tasks faster and efficiently with its high printing and copying speed. Compatible with just about everything, this device can be operated with various gadgets.

  • Print, scan, and fax with the all new HP Laserjet Pro M477FNW multi- purpose printer.
  • Fast printing capability and has an input tray of 50 papers and a secondary input tray with 250 sheet capacity
  • Weighing over 27kg this Printer operates through wireless, Ethernet LAN or USB connectivity
  • Printer has a maximum printing speed of 27ppm and copy speed of 19ppm
  • Operates on all the windows platform and Mac operating system.
  • The printer supports HP EPrint, HP All-in-one remote app for Android and iOS, Google cloud print, and AirPrint.
  • The Maximum displacement of the HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw Printer is 788mm x 1025mm x 415.4mm making it a smart fix for office.

Software and Driver Downloads

Wonder why your printer not print even after setting it up? Failing to install the driver is the main reason. Drivers are essential for the working of your printer. To download the driver, go to HP support site choose your operating system, input your printer model number, locate and download its driver. If you already have a driver downloaded, check for updates and get the latest version of the same. After downloading, install the HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw driver by following the on-screen instructions.

 hp color laserjet pro mfp m477fnw driver

HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw Printer Installation Steps

Unpack the printer and discard the package materials. Connect the power cords to their respective slots and power on the printer. Connect the printer to the computer via USB connection. Install the printer’s driver software from the disc provided with the shipped package. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Connect your HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw Printer to your Windows system and also get the required drivers and manuals from us.

Get your printer and your Mac system connected and also get the HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw driver needed for your printer with instructions.


Copying is the where the data from the document is, utilized to make duplicates of it. The advantage is however, multiple duplicate copies can be made. This can be done instantly with the push of a button. Copying typically involves inserting the original document in the conveyor tray and click on the copy button. A number of copies can be set on the touchscreen. Duplexing is done manually.


Faxing is a method of transmitting documents over telephone or radio. HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw Printer supports multiple faxing related functions. Fax forwarding is an interesting function where you can forward incoming faxes to another number. The Fax machine can also be configured to answer calls and also put numbers on a block list Changing fax speed is a new feature that allows you to vary received bits per second.


Printing is the primary task of every printer. To print, select your desired document and click on print. A number of pages, and alignment of the paper can all be changed in the settings window. Remember to install the driver software to proceed with HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw Printer functions. Printing can also be done wirelessly with mobile printing technology. AirPrint, Eprint are some of the latest technology employed to do so.


Scanning is the process of digitizing a document. Once scanned, the digital version of the document can be saved, emailed and multiple copies of it can be printed. The new feature of scan directly to email will email your scanned results directly to the email specified. Install HP Scan Software to assist in the process. Scanning can also be performed wirelessly using mobile apps such as AirScan.

Wireless Setup

Wireless printing is the latest revolution in the printer. Most all-in-one printers have more than one mode of connection in addition to USB. Reconfiguring your driver is necessary in this case and that can be easily done by reinstalling with new settings.

  • Place the printer and the wireless modem close to each other for good network connection.
  • Keep the HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw Printer turned on and connect to wireless network.
  • Reinstall driver choosing wireless as connection mode.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions or refer the how-to manual.
  • In the printer settings, choose your printer model from the list.
  • Remove all existing printers and add the current one.
  • Print a cleaning page to verify connectivity.

Scanner Software

Scanner software essentially refers to the HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw driver software. The diver can be installed from the disc that is provided with the shipped package. The same can also be downloaded online at HP support site. This software helps you with scanning. Upon configuring, remote scanning becomes possible.
Connect the printer to a power source and then turn on the printer. (x6)

  • Scanning in your printer is an operation that can be performed by various software.
  • Make sure that the scanning software is WIA compliant.
  • Scan to email is an option where the document is emailed to us.
  • Scanning can be done remotely with a mobile device.
  • Download and Install the HP JetAdvantage Capture application.
  • Create an account, setup scan settings and start scanning documents.

HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw Printer Toner Cartridge

Cartridge and Toner are of pivotal importance in printers. The cartridge holds the ink used for printing. Ink is available in both white and colour. It is imperative that only genuine HP parts be installed to enjoy excellent printer outputs. HP Laserjet pro m477fnw toner replacement needs to be performed with care as a mistake could cause a compromise in print quality.

Replacing Toner Cartridges

  • A good toner ensures a laser sharp, clear and unblurred printing experience.
  • Grab hold of the door of the printer’s toner cartridge.
  • Pull it out to remove the cartridge from the printer.
  • Remove packaging of the new toner. Take care to not touch the green region.
  • Gently shake the toner to spread the toner fluid inside the green cylinder.
  • Insert toner into the printer, close the door and restart the printer.

hp color laserjet mfp m477fnw toner

HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw Printer Troubleshooting

Printers might run into minor issues due to various reasons. All it takes is a quick troubleshoot and the printer will be back on its feet printing like new. Commonly caused issues are due to improper handling, software conflict, antivirus issues and hardware issues. The below mentioned are some of the common issues faced and rectification provided.

Printing Issues

  • i. Place the printer and router within each other’s range to avoid connectivity related issues.
  • ii. Almost most of the issues are caused due to outdated driver software.
  • iii. Reinstall the driver by choosing relevant settings from disc/support site.
  • iv. Slow printing issues are solved by resolving paper settings.
  • v. Print quality Is directly related to HP Laserjet pro m477fnw toner and its quality.
  • vi. Mobile connection error is fixed by reinstalling the driver with WiFi settings.

Wireless Network Problems

  • Ensure to place the computer and printer close to each other for good network connectivity. (x1)
  • Connect the printer to a power source and then turn on the printer. (x6)
  • Make sure that the HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw Printer and router are both turned on and connected.
  • Turn off third-party firewalls and disable Antivirus temporarily
  • Remove all the devices connected to a router and connect the printer.
  • Run system diagnosis, print configuration page to ascertain workability.

Fax Problem

  • Disconnect other devices Check that the printer is directly connected to phone port.
  • Make sure that the firmware of the HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw Printer is updated.
  • Turn off error correction setting to send faxes faster.
  • Make use of white paper to send faster faxes.
  • Rectify poor fax quality by changing fax resolution.
  • Verify that the phone line supports analog faxing.


  • Check that there is a good network connection between your printer and computer.
  • Download HP Print and Scan Doctor, it will help you in diagnosing issues.
  • Set the default HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw driver for your OS, delete all previously added printers.
  • Ensure that you are connected to the correct port.
  • Make sure that you choose the correct port type in case they mismatch.
  • Try adding the printer using HP Printer Assistant.
  • Check the status of the HP Color Laserjet Pro mfp m477fnw Printer by printing a test page.