HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter

  • Driver Download
  • Wireless Setup
  • Scanner
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Troubleshooting
hp officejet pro 6230 eprinter

HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter, a nominal printer which mainly suits for professional purpose. Keep in touch with the wired or wireless connection for the 123.hp.com/ojpro6230 printer setup. Easily connect to the mobile device to print the items on-the-go.

  • The printer is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system.
  • Print the photos without the margins using the Borderless Printing feature.
  • Print on both sides of pages automatically with Automatic Duplex Printing.
  • Setup the HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter easily over the network with Auto Wireless Connect.
  • Use Wireless and Wired mode of connection for the printer.
  • Load less number of papers and perform large print jobs with Automatic Document Feeder.
  • Conserve the energy up to 50% with the Energy Star certified printer.

Unboxing HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter

To configure the 123.hp.com/ojpro6230 printer for the first time, take away the printer and packing materials from the shipment box. Examine the contents in the box as it may differ by country/region. Look whether the software installation CD, USB cable, warranty card, ink cartridges, duplexer are packed with the shipment box. Attach the power cable, customize the control panel preferences, insert the paper into the input tray, seat the ink cartridge into the slot and replace the faulty parts within the warranty period, if necessary. Take the aid of the steps below:

Step 1: Uncrate the HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter to eradicate all the packing materials from it. Carefully, handle both sides of the printer, elevate the ink cartridge access door until it snaps into place.

Step 2:Eradicate the packing materials in the interior of the printer and then seal the ink cartridge access door. Unseal the input tray door to eliminate the packaging materials in it.

Step 3:Shove the input tray towards you until it snaps into place, seal the input tray door and then try to reuse the packaging materials

Step 4:Attach one end of the power cable to the hindside of the printer and then plug in the other end of the power cable into an electrical outlet.

Step 5:Switch on the 123.hp.com/ojpro6230 printer, customize the preferences on the control panel of the printer. Navigate to the language and country/region and then tap Yes to ratify the choice.

Step 6:Choose the date and time on the control panel of the HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter and then press Yes to ratify the choice, in case instructed. Never detach the USB cable during installation.

Step 7: Access the input tray door and then modify the paper width guides to their farthest position and then insert the paper into the input tray

Step 8:Glide the paper width guides until they rest against the edge of the paper. Shove the input tray towards you until it fixes into place.

Step 9:Elevate the ink cartridge access door to install the ink cartridges into their corresponding slots. Seal the ink cartridge access door for secure installation.

Step 10:After the ink cartridges are aligned, install the upgraded printer driver and software for your 123.hp.com/ojpro6230 printer to avail all additional features of the printer

HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter Installation Steps

Download and install the driver software for your printer on the computer and connect the printer to it to start printing documents.

Connect the printer to the computer and install the driver software either through the Apple Software Updater to finish the installation.

Wireless Setup

For setting up the HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter over the wireless network, initially, you need to key in the network name and password. In case you do not remember the password, refer the manual below to look for the password in Windows and Mac operating system. Wireless Setup is one of the easy tasks with a secure based network connection without any cluster of cables.

Wireless WEP, WPA, WPA2 Password

Wireless network password is mainly provided to secure the connection. Note down the initial network password of the network, as it can be altered once the wireless connection is enabled. For Windows and Mac operating system, refer the password in the router or in the documentation.

  • For Windows, Browse view network connections->View Network Connections->Right click on the network name->Status. On the Wireless Properties->Security to view the password.
  • For Mac, Select Go in the Finder menu bar, select Go->Utilities->Key chain Access application->Local items->Passwords. On the network name, double tap to press the Show password to view it.
  • Look for the password on the hind side or bottom that contains the initial wireless network password (WPA key, WPA password, WPA2 Password, WEP Password, security password).
  • Examine the documentation to view the network name and password. The welcome letter from the Internet Service Provider contains the name and the password.
  • If you do not remember the network password, certain wireless routers have a reset button that retains the wireless settings to the default state.
  • In case your network is altered, relink the HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter to the network and alter the wireless network password via the printer’s control panel.

Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is one of the additional features of the 123.hp.com/ojpro6230 printer that let your Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect over a wireless network to the printer without using a wireless router. A mobile application or printer software must be installed to utilize the printer over the Wireless Direct. While installing the app or software, ensure that they supports the HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter.

  • Download and install the upgraded version of the HP Print Service Plugin or Mopria Print Service Plugin on the mobile devices.
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi Direct icon on the printer’s control panel to screen the W-Fi Direct name and password.
  • In case the printer does not have a control panel, press the information button to print a report which contains the name of the network and password.
  • Choose the Automatic option to print without a password or Choose the manual option to print from the 123.hp.com/ojpro6230 printer using the password.
  • Touch Settings->Wi-Fi on the Android device and access the photo or document you intend to print and then touch print to print the item.
  • Ensure that the DIRECT-XX-HP screens on the print plug-in settings screen. In case a different plug-in is displayed, choose DIRECT-XX-HP from the available list.
Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges are mandatory for printing from the 123.hp.com/ojpro6230 printer. You can print in black and color cartridges. Utilize XL cartridges which yield up to 225 pages for black and 168 pages for the color cartridge. While printing with black cartridge, utilize the draft mode for fast speed which prints and saves up to 70% of the ink. Register your HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter in Instant Ink feature, to save up to 50% of ink and utilize the genuine ink cartridges which are compatible with the printer model.Print your vivid photos with color cartridges to throwback to your tangible memories. Save your bucks with Instant Ink feature. Know more


Scanning a document is converting the hard copy into a soft copy. The scanned documents can be converted into PDF or imaged based on the user’s requirements. To scan a document, initially, install the software that supports the scan feature. Place the item on the scanner glass or into the Automatic Document feeder based on printer’s features. Nowadays, most of the printers contain the scan feature. The scanned documents can be sent to the printer’s email address.In certain situations, you can also scan the document or photo from the mobile devices. To scan the item, download and install the scanning app on your mobile device and enjoy scan on-the-go.


Blinking Lights

Blinking lights indicate specific issues in the printer. The activity light should be stable, in case any issues still exist in the 123.hp.com/ojpro6230 printer the light starts blinking. Once the issue gets solved, the light becomes solid.

Color or Black Ink Not Printing

While printing, the color or black ink cartridge does not print. Utilize the genuine ink cartridges for the HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter. Examine the estimated ink level for replacing the ink cartridges. Frequently wipe the ink cartridges to avoid the issue.

Problem with Printhead

The issue with the printhead implies that the printhead of the printer where you install cartridges is defective because the printer is not able to identify it. When the ink gets accumulated over the printhead and it blocks the printer to print.

Paper Jam Error

To rectify the paper jam issue, examine whether the torn pieces of paper are present in the interior of the 123.hp.com/ojpro6230 printer. If any, eliminate the papers from the interior of the printer and then try to print or scan from the printer

Troubleshooting Scan

If you have difficulties in scanning from the HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter, make certain that the printer is installed with the latest scanner software for scanning and their is communication between the scanner and computer.

Ink Cartridge Errors

While printing a document or photo, ink smears are viewed in the hindside of the paper, the main issue should be with the ink cartridge.So, to solve the issue you need to print using the authentic and that supports the printer

Printer Offline

Once the status message of the printer is offline which indicates that the printer does not print and the system is not able to interact with the printer. You will not be able to print the documents that are in the print queue.

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