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Printer Models

hp printer installation

Windows Connecting your printer to the Windows is usually a simple task.

hp mobile printer setup

Smart Phone Printing seems a lot easier when you can send a print job from any device.

hp printer mac support

Mac Do you want to easily connect your printer to the Mac OS? Do not worry

123.HP.COM Gives You How To?


With any of the Printers, it is easy to obtain a fast print. Users can customize the print settings such as paper size, print resolution, color or black and white printing, etc. You can also print photos without borders using the Borderless printing option. Duplex printing is one of the best features to save cost on your paper up to 50%.


Scanning is too simple and quick with HP multi functional printers. You have many scanning apps for both Windows and Mac computers. The scanner that comes with an Automatic Document Feeder is an added advantage for the user. You can also save the scanned document in the .pdf or image in .jpeg and can email directly from the printer.


The copy speed varies from printer to printer but it maintains the same copy quality in all the printers. You can enlarge or reduce the size of the copy and change the copy resolution with the provision of customized settings option. A few printers include dual-side copying that again conserves the cost on your paper and ink as well to a large extent.


Faxing is the best alternative for the printing option in all MFPs when your printer does not work suddenly. It consumes only less ink to send or receive faxes. Few printers allow you send the fax as an email using the 123.hp.com ePrint’s email address. It auto-saves the used fax numbers, stores up to 99 speed dial contacts and performs a speedy fax.

Air Print
Cloud Print

AirPrint is very friendly when compared to other wireless printing options. It not only helps you to print full quality photos and documents from all your iOS devices but also avoids the need to install additional software. AirPrint also offers features such as easy discovery, automatic media selection and enterprise-class finishing options from 123.hp.com HP mobile printer.

hp airprint setup

From almost any HP mobile printer or network-connected device using Google Cloud Print, you can print documents and photos securely to your printer. Moreover, you need not download any drivers or software from the HP website or Google. All you need is to turn on the printer, verify if the printer is Cloud-ready and then connect the printer.

hp cloud print setup

If your printer is enabled with hp mobile printer feature, such as HP ePrint, which is a secure cloud-based service, it lets you virtually print from anywhere with an active Internet connection. All you need is to email the document or photo you want to print directly to the printer. Moreover, with the ePrint feature, you can use your mobile devices to print directions, coupons, photos, etc.

hp eprint support

Wireless Setup

  • You can virtually print from anywhere, with much less effort through the wireless network.
  • It provides mobility and also increases productivity at an affordable cost.
  • All you need is to collect the network name and password.
  • Now, turn on the router, printer and computer to set up the printer on the wireless network.
  • In order to set up and manage the printer on the wireless connection, the Wireless 123.hp.com/setup Wizard provides an accessible way to connect either to the Windows or the Mac OS.
  • Moreover, you can install the hp printer install software or use a CD to complete the wireless network connection 123.hp.com/setup by following the on-screen instructions.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

  • Push button and PIN button are the two modes to connect devices together over a wireless connection.
  • In order to connect through the WPS on your printer, you can refer your printer’s manual.
  • It is mandatory to know your network name and security password (WEP, WPA, or WPA2).
  • Now, Select Network menu or Click the wireless icon, then enter settings on the printer’s control panel.
  • Click Wireless 123.hp.com/setup Wizard.
  • If you find that the printer is not connected, print a Wireless Network Test report that will help you find out what may be wrong.

Scanner Setting

  • In order to Change the scan settings, ensure to Open or search for the HP folder in the list of installed hp printer install software programs.
  • Now, Select the printer model from the list that appears, then Open the 123.hp.com Printer Assistant Software and then Select Scan a Document or Photo.
  • Select a shortcut based on what you are scanning, in the left window of the scan dialog box.
  • Now, choose your preferences.
  • In order to change any other settings tap More to see the Advanced settings.

Scanner Problem

  • It is mandatory to verify that the issue is not print-related.
  • Now, Clean the scanner lid to remove the unwanted dust or debris on the scanner glass which may lead to lines and color bands.
  • Also, ensure to clean the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) as the dust accumulated on the ADF can result in scan quality issues.
  • Now, Change the Scan settings and then restore the printer as it can force some types of scanners to calibrate which might fix the problem.
  • If the issue still persists, then replace the printer with 123.hp.com.


Software Installation

Generally, the hp printer install process for software depends on the operating system and the program you are installing. You can follow the steps given below as a general guideline.

Step 1: Ensuring System requirements

You initially need to ensure that the computer meets the system requirements of the program, game, or utility you are attempting to install from 123.hp.com. After ensuring the system requirements, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Installing a program

You can refer the printer manual for instructions on how to install a program. When hp printer install a program, utility, or game, it is better to close or disable any other programs that are running simultaneously.

Step 3: Rebooting the computer

On installing a new program, you may be prompted to reboot the computer. After rebooting the computer, proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Verifying AutoPlay feature

When inserting a CD or DVD, an AutoPlay feature automatically starts a 123.hp.com/setup screen for the software program. If the program does not contain this feature, follow the steps that appear after inserting the disc into the computer.

Step 5: Updating the Drivers

In case if you are unsure of whether or not you need to update your Drivers, or indeed which Drivers may need to be updated, You can run a Drivers scan using a driver update tool. The device manager lets you check if there are problems with any of your hardware devices.

Step 6: Downloading Driver Update Tool

A Driver Update Tool lets you hp printer install the missing Drivers with 123.hp.com. Moreover, missing or corrupt Printer Drivers can cause problems with your printer connections which means, being completely unable to communicate with the printer.

Step 7: Downloading printer driver

Ensure the complete printer functionality by downloading the full-feature driver. You can download the latest printer driver on our website, be it Windows or Mac, free of cost. For, Windows, the appropriate driver file is available in the .exe format and for Mac, it is available as a .dmg file.

Hardware Installation

Setting up the printer may seem difficult for the beginners, but once you know the method you can print from anywhere. Follow the step-by-step procedure given below to setup the printer.

Step 1: Checking the contents of the pack

Ensure to check the pack for a list of items as the contents may vary by country/region. Now, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Unboxing the printer

Unbox the printer and then discard all the unwanted wrap from the front and rear of the printer, scanner lid and the cartridge access door. Now, discard the unwanted wrap from the paper tray door, then thrust the paper tray forward until it clicks into place and then close the paper tray door.

Step 3: Turning on the power

Ensure to connect one end of the printer to the power cord and the other end of the cord is to be connected to the electrical outlet. Now, turn on the printer.

Step 4: Select the language and country/region

Select the desired language that appears on the printer control panel and tap Yes to confirm the choice. You can click the Down Arrow to scroll through the menu if the desired language is not visible. Now, click Setup and then proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Inserting the cartridges

Switch on the printer. Take out the new cartridge from its packaging and discard the wrap. Ascertain that the tricolor cartridge goes into the slot on the left and the black cartridge goes into the slot on the right and then shut the cartridge lid to secure it.

Step 6: Loading paper and aligning the cartridges

Ensure that the short edge of the tray face towards the printer and then mount a stack of either U.S. letter or A4 plain, white paper into the tray. Now, thrust the stack into the tray until it stops, click OK and then follow the instructions on the control panel to start the cartridge alignment. In case the alignment page does not print, you can follow the on-screen prompts to align the cartridges.

Step 7: Connecting the printer

You can follow the on-screen instructions to connect the printer by inserting the software CD that came with the package. Also, you can refer the Software Installation Guide for detailed information on the download and installation process.

123.hp.com – HP Troubleshooting Solutions

Are your printers driving crazy? A few common printer HP troubleshooting issues are discussed here. If the printer is too slow, Click Print and Properties and then look for a setting that reduces print quality. If the Ink and/or toner costs too much, purchase an ink cartridge with a 250-plus page yield, or a toner cartridge with a 2,000-plus page yield. Sometimes Windows may Select a new default printer and automatically send print jobs to it. All you need is to enter Start and then Select Devices and Printers to choose your printer. Sometimes the Printer shows Print Jobs Stuck in Print Queue, Printer Offline issue, Print or Copy or Scan Quality Issue or wireless network connection issue. It may also Turn Off Unexpectedly or Repeatedly. You can solve these issues by following the instructions on the printer manual or reach us on the Toll-free number when you are unable to resolve the HP troubleshooting issue.

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